Freeway motorist speeding 98kph fined for slow driving … torist.htm


[quote]That seems to mean any motorist on any freeway cannot be cited for driving above 80 kilometers per hour.
All the checking, however, did not persuade the prosecutor to absolve the unfortunate motorist. The second appeal was turned down.

I’m afraid to Google anymore on traffic regulation in Taiwan. :astonished: Ignorance is bliss in that case.

The situation may not be as straight forward as it seems.

1am work night, driving on a deserted M1 M2 highway interchange in JHB, speed limit 100 my speed 160 and increasing (always quickly scanning my mirrors and small blindspot mirrors for any sign of speetkops), in front of me a lonely plodder appeared, nesting on the passing lane at about 70.

I flashed my high beam, once, then twice, then started applying my brakes.

In an instant red and blue lights started flashing along with the wail of a siren that makes your heart drop and just as suddenly one very chagrined highway pursuit special dashed out from under his cloak of invisibility somewhere behind me and out in front of the plodder and pulled him over.

How pissed that officer must have been! He had stalked me so perfectly and was lining his prey up for a “go directly to jail card”…only to be cheated by a fool that needs to drive in the passing lane of a 4 lane highway even when there is no other traffic in sight.

In South Africa the law is clear and indeed there are little signs posted every few kilometres “keep left pass right” (they drive on the left).

Perhaps the Taiwanese officer felt the low speed ticket was easiest to prosecute, for indeed, the worst country for blocking (in my experience of driving in 13 different countries) the passing lane must be Taiwan.

Yes, it’s difficult for a German to live here.

They have rules, but they mean nothing. Policemen are drunk and … appear even less bright than the average binlang guy.

I want home to Bratwurst and order!

[Marching off…]

Bob Feldmarschall.

I would move to Germany tomorrow for the autobahns and wursts. In fact, I think I will.