Freight Forwarding From US to Taiwan for a TV

Does anyone have any recommendations or information regarding a company who can ship a TV from the US to Taipei for me? I saw 3 other topics on this subject, but the answers were either older than 10 years or not applicable to my situation.

Can’t you just buy it on Amazon?

No. None of the TVs in which I am interested have sellers willing to ship to Taiwan.

There is myus, and shipping will be cheaper than direct shipping but it will almost always be inspected and taxed because they use fedex


I guess I got lucky…I just signed up for a free membership with them about an hour ago. Thanks for your opinion!

In my experience, a box that is big enough to fit a large screen TV will be inspected regardless of whether it’s sent by Fedex, DHL or the post office. For smaller shipments you can get lucky if you use the post office.

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They will inspect it just to make sure I am paying the correct amount of customs and duties, right?

Since the TV costs 6k in the US and 21k in Taiwan, I have to assume that those fees will be worth it.

Yes, it’s a fairly straightforward process. The total you’ll end up paying is:

(Cost of TV + shipping cost) * (1 + customs duty) * 1.05

1.05 accounts for Taiwanese VAT.


I heard stories about people getting excessive tax on electronics.

If the courier fronts the customs duty for you, and therefore puts some of their capital risk, they will also charge you for doing so.

Check for their warehouse locations, otherwise you might need to pay local state sales tax too

I sent an $8K US projector FedEx and the tax was only about $23K NTD.

Still way cheaper than a grey market without a warranty here.

I’ve noticed anything that is a little more high end here seems to be ridiculously priced, then put on special once or twice a year… I don’t think any locals pay the sticker price.

If it has WiFi there will likely be additional headaches…

Would electronics/frequencies and all of that gruff be compatible? Presume OP has done his/her research here…

It has to do with regulatory, Taiwan is really stringent about anything with a wireless card (if identified as such). There is at minimum additional paperwork where you need to identify the manufacturer, model number, etc. of the wireless card itself…again if customs identifies as having one. I’m not sure what happens if the card of a particular device hasn’t gone through the Taiwan cert process. My guess would be it gets impounded and sent back.

I have not done my research. What frequencies or electronics would I have to worry about. When I brought my TV, the only thing I needed to worry about was the electricity input, which is not an issue here (but, of course, I still have my step-up step-down converters.

I haven’t even considered a projector. Do you get a screen? Isn’t it difficult to house all your electronics (I’ll have at least 6 devices hooked up to it? Any recommendations?

Technically it will work no problem, it’s a regulation thing with wifi certification in Taiwan. It could sneak through, but I’m not sure I’d take the risk unless I could find out what card was in the TV and have the details needed to check and verify that it would be accepted.

Put all your electronics in a closet or the room on the other side of the projector. You’d need to make a hole in your wall obviously. Which receiver do you use?

Caveat… To get a truly good projection image, you’ll need to spend a lot on room treatments. You need a bat cave.

If you want to learn, visit the AVScience forums.

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