French Cemetery in Keelung?

Does anyone know where it is, exactly? It’s supposed to be near the Ershawan Fort, on the hill to the east of the Keelung Harbor.

I stumbled upon this by accident and it was weird seeing it without prior knowledge of it existing.

On a scooter it’s easier of course.
I don’t know any road names, but if you arrive (on foot) via the train station you will see a starbucks across the street.

From there face the train station and turn to your left. Follow the road around the harbour. Walk for about 10 minutes (the harbour will be on your left side always). You will pass a docks and a military dock which usually has a guard.
You eventually see that the road forks. (If you go straight you’ll hit docks) Follow the road (that veers to the right) where most of the traffic is heading (and oncoming). Walk for about 5-10 mins and the Cemetary is on your left side.

Thanks! I actually went to Keelung on Friday and found it - turns out I followed the same route you described, even seeing the guard post you mentioned. At that point I decided to go up the road that veers to the right and look for someone to ask. As I was about to cross the street I noticed I was standing right next to it!

Why is there a French cemetry in Jilong?

The French occupied Keelung between October 1884 and July 1885. During that time, disease such as malaria, dysentery and cholera took heavy tolls, resulting in hundreds of deaths that decimated the French forces (and probably had something to do with their decision to leave). Most of the dead were buried in a mass grave where the cemetery is now.