French classes or tutors in buxiban?

Can anyone recommend a good and professional school for studying French in Taipei, beginner level? Thanks A LOT!!!

L’Alliance Fran

Thank you! I will definitely check it out!

Do you wanta go from Chinese to French, or English to French? Might be harder to find a teacher whom teaches French using English.

L’Alliance Fran

French in French sounds perfect. Chinese is not a problem, i speak it fluently, but i wouldnt like to learn another language from it. I checked the cirriculum and if everything goes well i’ll start Sept 19. Thanks a lot, again and again, Gary!


that’s wonderful. Please let me know how it goes. I had so much fun at L’Alliance Fran

My LE friend goes to Shi Da University for her French lessons. They have a French section and apparently the teachers are quite good also. She used to go to Alliance Francaise but then changed due to a bad teacher… so depends on your luck.

Bon courage…

I second the French Department at the Ai-Po Building
of the Shida-campus. They have 6-hour courses a week.
10 or 12 levels with native French speaking teachers.
You can take classes on Monday-Thursday/Tuesday-Friday and
You would have to do an entrance examination to determine your
level of French.

If you want an English speaking French teacher, I could introduce
you to one of my French friends.


I’d like to study french. Could you please give me a list of buxiban, in Taipei City and Taipei county where I could take classes? I just know about Bonjour and Eurocentre but I’m sure there are other places.

The Language Training and Testing Center (LTTC) 170 Hsin Hai Rd., Taipei

I started a month ago at L’Alliance Francaise

Adresse :
110 Jinhua Street (金華街),not far from MRT Guting station


Is there any good place for someone who dont know any french other than BonJour to learn more French? I figure if I got to learn even a decent amount of French it will make it easier for me to go to Canada…

Im in Taipei by the way

I’m told that if you are on the west coast of Canada a lack of French is ok. What part of Canada are you gonna go to?

How about France?

Actually I know there is a poster here who studies French. Can’t remember her handle but will call and get her to post.

Im thinking of Vancouver, the point is not that though, the thing is I want to learn a moderate level of French so I can boost up my points enough in the future to pass. Because without arranged employment I will fall short…


No one speaks French here. You have English, that’s good enough to become Canadian in Vancouver now. Learn Cantonese, Mandarin, Punjabi, Vietnamese, Korean, Spanish, Farsi. I have never heard anyone speak French here except when I call the federal government phone lines.

In some communities, English is not even the first language spoken in everyday business dealings.

Anyway, that’s not being very helpful, I’m sorry. Check out the language exchange ads or the for hire ads. There are lots of F.commers who speak French and want to teach it.

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ShiDa have a French program.

Tons of French language classes near the Train Station. If I would have time , I would teach you but nope, no time.

Some universities offer French courses as continuing education.
Tsing Hua:

Other organisations or private institutions:
Eumeia Language Centre:
Euro Centre:

But I agree that you won’t need French to survive in Canada, Cantonese will do :smiley: , of course, unless you are now trying to be “Quebecois” :astonished:, or you are trying to get a job in the government agencies … and the French-French you learnt here will gradually turn into Canadian-French after you go there for a while :wink: