French Cuisine

Where’s a good French restaurant in Taiwan?

Auberge de France
210-1, Szewei Rd. (that’s Si(4) Wei(2))

Szewei Rd. is a one-way road (going northward) that runs parallel to, west of, Tunhua South Rd. The best way to get there if you’re in a car is to go down Tunhua South Rd.; take a right a Hoping East Rd.; take another right at Szewei Rd.; only about 20 meters in, on your left at the entrance of Lane 208, you’ll see the restaurant.

They’re open Monday to Saturday, 12:00-2:00 p.m. for lunch and 6:00-10:00 p.m. for dinner (but you must arrive by 8:30 at the latest).

I was taken to this restaurant a few years ago by a French friend who is very picky about French cuisine (as anyone would be about their own cuisine, I guess!). And yes, I am sure that it is still open, as I just called them to get all of these details. My humble opinion is that their food is really quite exquisite, very authentic, and elegantly prepared. My French friend felt the same; that’s why he took me there to begin with! The owners are two older Taiwanese men, believe it or not, but who lived in France for a very, very long time and who both speak French fluently. I’m not sure if they’re the ones who do the cooking or not; they very well might be.

It is rather pricey, as one would expect high-class French food to be, but aside from ordering a la carte, you also have the option of a few different price ranges of set meals, which are more economical. Now, I’m telling you what I remember from when I went there last, so I can’t guarantee that their menu or chef(s) haven’t changed since then. But if it’s anything like it was a few years ago, it would at least be worth a try.

I should warn you, though, it is also typical in that the servings are elegant and delicate… and rather small! The dinner I had there was wonderful… but I got home and had to snack on a few chips to fill myself up–although that may say more about my frightening appetite than the size of their servings, ha ha.

See what you think, and bon appetit!

merci Marie!

I’ll try it out, it’s the only french restaurant I’ve heard good about.

Maggie’s Sesame cafe is good in Shi Ta area, must try her Bistro de l’Olivier on AnHo, I hope she’s changed the chef there.

Coffee’s good at Cafe de Flore (Breeze), they’re preparing a spring menu. Bask in the sun, read the paper, and try to ignore the shopping mall throngs and outdoor advertising music.

Dragonbabe and I have been watching a lot of cooking shows on YouTube and in the process have become curious about French cuisine. We’d like to try some of the locally available fare, if it’s any good and not exhorbitantly priced. The above info is rather dated – is Auberge de France still around? Has anyone tried it recently?

Are there any other French restaurants in Taibei that you’d recommend or caution against?

Folks here are quite partial to the Saveurs!, on Fuxing South Road, sec. 1, lane 210, #14. 27 51 01 85. They have a good lunch special.

+1 on Saveurs, reasonable prices and larger than avg portions for this type of fare

Robuchon…wait, you did say exhorbitantly priced, right?

Well, feel free to list any restaurant, but information on price levels such as an average meal for two, say without wine, would be very welcome.

We tried a French restaurant in Neihu called Medit. Cuisine this Sunday, and were a bit disappointed. Their Chinese name was originally 吊帶褲廚房, but changed to 豐饒之角, apparently after they changed owners. They have a plaque bragging about getting two stars back in 2008. It’s at #24 金湖路 Jin1hu2 Rd., just south of the Nèihú MRT station on Cheng2gong1 Rd. Sec. 4. The restaurant is two doors or so from Pastime(s?) and diagonally across from a hockey-themed sports bar and grill. BTW Jinhu Rd. becomes 金龍路 Jīnlóng Rd. north of Chenggong Rd.

Here’s a blog in Chinese about it:

It was about $2150 for dinner for two without any extras or wine. We got an excellent appetizer, decent soup, great dinner rolls with herbed butter, a “salad” that showed they weren’t really trying (iceberg lettuce, a few scraps of onion, and dressing? Come on!), a disappointing seafood plate for her (clams cooked with wine – not fresh tasting, very clammy, unpleasant; an encrusted salmon cigar, seriously overcooked and dry; a king prawn, split down the middle, overcooked and flavorless, and some delicious scallops, but they didn’t take the tough adductor muscles off), and a decent but not particularly memorable leg of lamb in tomato sauce for me. Then came a very poorly plated, forgettable fruit dish (a four-year old could do better), and decent desserts (baked cheesecake, good but not creamy and heavenly; Panna cotta, okay, not memorable) with a very nice apple-cinnamon drink.

If they hadn’t ruined the seafood platter, we could have forgiven the “salad” and fruit plate. Given the price, I doubt we’ll be back to give them a second chance.