French Forum...pour quand?

Hi there,…
i found this place very interesting…
Now as well as there is a place for english and spanish…is there a posibility to open a forum…la vie est belle for french writters ???
I know the guy from taipeisoir,…sure he’ll be interested to be a good moderator…

Parce qu’ y’en a des gens qui parle le francais ici ?!?! oubien je me trompe ???
allez salut a plus !

Mais non! The only possible moderator for such a forum would be Fred Smith. Such a position requires total impartiality, after all, and Fred, I think, fits the bill perfectly and would, I’m sure, just love to be in charge.
Anyway, there’s already a French thread. Look for “Les French (Deux).”

“pour quand?”

Yeah, I’ll have a drink.

“pour quand” ou “pourquoi”? Il n’y a pas un grande audience pour un forum francais aussi que le francophiles ici sauve moi. Tant pis. Mais c’est possible a acheter un drapeau francais comme le mien.

Wouldn’t “Taipei Soir” be the place to go, as it already exists?