French Paratroopers accidentally shoot 17 people

I just heard this on the radio (UK channel).

Apparently they were doing some sort of training and believed they were using blanks, but unfortunately one was actually using live rounds. Something to do with hostage training or the likes.

I guess we’ll hear more when it starts reaching more news outlets.

OK, just found this in the meantime: … _of_blanks

Yeah, a horror story indeed.

[quote]Seventeen people, including a child left in a critical condition, were injured when soldiers fired live bullets instead of blanks during an open day display in Carcassone, France, regional officials said.

Fifteen civilians and two soldiers were injured in the incident, of which the details remained unclear, involving a demonstration by members of a marines parachute regiment of hostage liberation exercises, the regional authority said.

Four of the 17 were seriously injured, with two described as critical following “incomprehensible” scenes at the barracks near Carcassone, in the country’s south-west.

According to local authorities, five children were among the injured.[/quote]

I’m sure someone wil come up with somthing about the guns being faulty, you know, only dropped once and all that.


still waiting for the result of the investigation,but experts are puzzled because this machine-gun cannot fire blanks without first putting a “cork” on the end of the barrel,so it points out to an act of intentional madness.

True…not enough back-pressure to reload.

The “cork” is called a ‘blank adapter.’

There is no mention in the story of what type of weapon was used, but it is very apparent when a blank adapter is not in place. They are painted a bright red/orange as SOP.

Also, blank ammunition is quite different in weight and appearance. Easily discernible from regular/real rounds.

I suspect there is more to this story that we know.

Plus isn’t the recoil completely different, so wouldn’t the person firing the gun notice after the first shot.

Ok, so what happens if you put a blank adapter on, and then load and fire live ammo?

Connel -
Depending on the weapon recoil may be very similar. All currently used are gas, and to a lesser extent recoil, dependent for cycling the mechanism. Blanks are designed to achieve the bolt cycling.
But that is another factor to be considered.

More info recently online:

Soldier to be prosecuted after shooting live rounds into crowd

Carcassone is where the Foreign Legion is based, isn’t it?


There is no mention in the story of what type of weapon was used[/quote]



I suspect there is more to this story that we know.[/quote]

the unit was to be dismantled or moved from that place,which had been their base from way back even before WW2, so some are suggesting it was an act of despair.

this baby fires 1000 rounds per minute,so by the time he’d squeezed the trigger he’d easily unload 20 rounds,which is what seem to have happened

it’s designed to disintegrate, possibly hurting the handler but no more

It sounds like he couldn’t really have done this by accident:

I’m REALLY confused. I thought guns don’t kill people, people kill people. But this guy apparently shot the victims with a gun. How is that possible? Also, would this qualify as friendly fire?

almost all victims are relatives of soldiers from that unit…could be a clue

this is getting even weirder!

Which elements does justice has in its possession to piece back together the accident?
Justice has footage made at the time of the shooting. One, taken in real-time by a soldier present, shows that the sergeant made a mistake when he reloaded his weapon. “When watching the footage the prosecutor declared, one understands very well that (the sergeant) has about a tenth of a second to remove the initial magazine, from which it drew the 25 bullets and to reload.” “he had on him several magazines, misfortune wanted that he chooses by reflex a charger who was in a pocket and which unfortunately contained real bullets”, the prosecutor added who insisted that the soldier had drawn “involuntarily”.[/quote]

A tenth of a second to reload. How is that even possible?

I thought they used blanks for safety and to simulate a close as possible the real conditions.
Seems strange to invite your family over, and ask them to partake in a hostage rescue simulation. Don’t soldiers or other actors play the hostage part?
And if the family were not part of the demo, then why was the soldier pointing a gun at them or in their direction?

Yeah, that bit doesn’t make much sense either.

something fishy

well it was an “open” day,that’s why families were there,
but you’re right,it doesn’t make sense to point towards public.

i have a feeling that the guy who keeps insisting that the soldier didn’t do it on purpose is gonna look like a fool once they get to the bottom of this.

Yeah, that bit doesn’t make much sense either.[/quote]
Here is a possible explanation: