Fresh Corner - Bakery & Deli (Hsinchu/Zhubei)

Fresh Corner is a mix of a bakery, deli and coffee shop. We sell freshly baked bread, sandwiches (NT$100~130), salads (NT$105~130), as well as made-to-order coffee. All our food is the real deal - no artificial flavoring or preservatives - and made daily inside the kitchen of the Sheraton Hotel.

Located at the West Lobby of the Sheraton Hotel in Zhubei.

Come and give us a try!

Where do we park if we have a car? Do we have to go the Sheraton underground parking?

There are two parking spots right in front of the West Lobby. You can park there for up to 15 mins. (If there are signs blocking the spots, you can ask the concierge to move them.)

A lot of customers also park on the street adjacent to the lobby, though we do not recommend this because of the red line.

It’d be great if you have good crusty french bread, of which I haven’t been able to find anywhere in Hsinchu.

We have a pretty good baguette. I would argue best one in the Hsinchu area, but I might be biased.

I’d be willing to gamble on it :slight_smile: I’ll come visit you guys soon!

dieing for good bread here, will visit soon also.

Reporting in on the French Bread: It’s delicious!
They have other typical bread shop stuff, and afew other artisinal looking breads, but I was interested in the baguette only.
Crusty exterior, fluffy inside… Not sweet… lol. Not much more you can ask for from Taiwan. It’s a good baguette by any standard.

Will happily now trek 15-20 mins to go buy :slight_smile:

PS: the space can benefit from some ropes, or partitions… and maybe a few small tables and chairs :slight_smile:
Since it’s literally like a bakery in the corner of a huge open lobby.

Thanks for the compliments on the bread! Glad you enjoyed it.

We’re considering to add standing tables and some shaded outdoor seating over the next few weeks. Opened in a bit of a rush, so there are still a few things we need to work on.

Well good job so far. I’ll check out the other menu items soon. I should be back next Sunday for another baguette since I’m planning a dinner thing at my place that evening :slight_smile: