Fresh Dill

I was pleasently surprised at the markets this morning to find fresh dill at almost every veggie stand. I know how to make a dill veggie dip but does anyone else have any great recipes with dill that they’d like to share?

I’ll post my dip recipe in a little bit, once I do a test run :lick:

Get a side of salmon or a couple of large fillets, skin on. Lay one skin-side down in an oven dish, cover liberally with rock salt, sugar, crushed white pepper and lots of fresh dill. lay the other fillet on top, skin side up. More rock salt, pepper and dill on top. Lay a sheet of tinfoil on top and place several cans on top to weigh it down. Shove in the fridge overnight. Next day, remove the weights, drain off the fluid and scrape off the dill.
Slice across the grain as thin as you can with the sharpest knife you can get your hands on.
Serve it with thinly sliced brown bread, black pepper and a good squeezr of lemon.
This, my friend, is gravlax.

Where, please share the location…
I haven’t seen dill on sale here except once or twice in Jason’s for silly money…

And Sandman, I didn’t know you knew how to cook Swedish cuisine, but yeah, gravlax is damn nice… :thumbsup:

Dill is also great to add when you boil spuds, especially new potato (adds a really subtle flavour).

It’s also great to finely chop and mix with sour cream and smoked cod roe (other kinds of roe should work as well) and fill baked potatoes with.

It also works great in Tzatziki and pretty much any kind of seafood (shrimp, fish, mussels) but it depends on how you prepare it. I’d get some seabass and fill it with dill and salt and cook it in tin foil in the oven.

Thanks guys! I’ve been looking for some fish recipes and actually bought a sea bass this morning as well and will try that first. The gralax I’ll give a go tomorrow but I don’t really have a sharp enough knife to slice thin slices of meat. ALways been to scared of one of the kids losing an appendage!

I live in Nei-Hu/Dong-Hu and the DongHU market was full of it this morning. One bunch 20NT.

Well then. Make the gravlax as above – by the way, its a good idea to place a chopping board on top of the foil, and then out the weights on top of that, as you get a much more even press that way.
When it’s ready, don’t bother slicing it thinly. Just chop it up small and mix it into some cream cheese that you’ve beaten with plenty of chopped dillweed and black pepper. Spread that on your bread, squeeze your lemon and that’s you sorted. Not very authentic, but tastes just as good.

Damn, that’s the opposite side of town…
Going to have to have a look around locally.
IKEA stocks salmon/ham file knifes and knife sharpeners… :wink:
Also, make sure the freeze the salmon first for a week if it wasn’t already frozen, as that kills any potential nasties.
I’d leave it a bit longer in the fridge as well, two three days should do it, although every day adds more flavour, so don’t leave it for too long.

What kind of nasties? I been eating that stuff for 40 years and haven’t got sick off it. I eat salmon sashimi all the time, too.

Well, some salmon carry parasites which you can catch from them. Freezing the salmon for a week first kills them and makes it safe to eat.

Well, I’ll be damned! I’m glad there was no Wikipedia when I was growing up or I’d have missed out on some mighty fine eating!
I guess the stuff they sell in Carrefour has been frozen, though. Right? RIGHT? :astonished:

I buy my salmon fresly caught and sliced and then cooked the same day. I’m not even going to look at the Wiki link as I’d rather not know :laughing:

The dip recipe was simply

1/2 cup sour cream
1/2 cup cream cheese
1/2 teaspoon salt
fresh dill to taste

Served with asparagus, carrots and tomatoes and the kiddies finished them all off.

I think most salmon sold here has been frozen at one stage or another. And of course, you don’t have to get sick from eating them things if you read what it says and considering where you’re from I’m sure you got a tin plated stomach lining :wink:

Are you sure it’s dill? I have something that looks like dill at our wet-market but it doesn’t taste like dill … has simply no taste at all, it’s just green …

There’s fresh dill at Shidong market (accessible for Tienmu residents). One big bunch is 50 nt. I think I saw three sellers that had them and that was around noon on a weekend. If you go earlier, there’d probably be more. They definitely tasted like dill. :discodance: