Fresh milk at Wellcome? - Can it be true?

Last night I popped into Wellcome to get some stuff, and I spotted some milk that I had never seen before. It is produced by the same company that makes “I [heart] Milk” or whatever it’s called and wait for it… it appears to be FRESH!!! That’s right, it doesn’t have that plastic taste that UHT type milks have.

Now I could be wrong, but if I am, I still don’t mind, cos they’ve managed to produce something that TASTES like fresh milk, and that’s good news for me.

I’ll try to post a picture when I get a chance.

Anyone else know anything about this? There are two varieties: one with a blue label and one with a green label. I assume one is full-fat and the other is skimmed to some extent.

Until I get a picture, the bottle looks a bit like this:

… except that the handle is on one of the edges rather than one of the sides. I’d say it holds about 400ml (at a guess) and costs 30NT$.

If it’s from here, you better find out what they’re feeding the cattle. I edited a Council of Agriculture report last week that says there isn’t ANY safe pasture in Taiwan anymore – it’s loaded with dioxins and assorted other nasties. All dairy farmers are now supposed to only feed imported hay, but that stuff’s expensive and this is Taiwan, so …

Damn, just when I had my taste buds all geared up for plastic free milk

Damn, just when I had my taste buds all geared up for plastic free milk[/quote]
Well, maybe the farmers are following the law.

Maybe. :wink:

There is organic Milk in Taiwan. I wrote:

[quote]One of my first deception when I got here was how awful the milk tasted, throughout the years several new brands poped up advertising “High quality Milk” etc… but it never really tasted like it.
Well, I found it today…real milk, 100% organic and it TASTE GREAT. The farm is in Beitou, but they do home delivery every Tuesday in Taipei, it’s 75$ a bottle and if you ever drank real milk before you will love it, so I wanted to share this with all the milk lovers.
Dong Hua Street, Section 2, #128 1FL Beitou.
Tel: 2820 9772[/quote]
In this thread:
[ … ilk#378491](Milk or milk
And not long ago I posted the address of a new Organic store in the corner FuXing North and Chang Chung Road that also has organic milk and eggs, vegetables etc…

All the pastures? How can an area like Qingjing Farm have unsafe dioxons levels?

OK. Time for an update. My camera flaked out (sorry), but I finally managed to take a couple of photos of the milk (Which I continue to drink happily without any side-effects):

How about making the switch to an organic non-dairy substitute? Check out your local health food store. Taiwan has dozens of tasty animal-friendly dairy free milks ( soy, rice, peanut, barley, almond, etc…). Some brands are better than others so you’ll have to peruse the shelves and do some experimenting.
After all, cow’s milk is meant for baby cows just as a human mother’s milk is meant for baby humans…maybe that’s why it tastes gnarly to ya.

After all, cow’s milk is meant for baby cows just as a human mother’s milk is meant for baby humans…maybe that’s why it tastes gnarly to ya.[/quote]

No, cow’s milk is designed for humans. That’s why you don’t see any cows in the wild. They don’t exist without us.

That said, I hate milk and only drink soy.

Irishstu, did you notice if they had non-fat milk in this same brand? I prefer that, but if this stuff doesn’t taste like crap when it’s heated up, I’ll go for the full-fat version. I brought some fine Mexican chocolate along with me so I could make my beloved Mexican mochas, and the first one I made tasted so bad I almost puked. I don’t have any problems with the non-fat milk I pick up at 7-11 for using on cereal, but heating it just warps it into some unknown substance.


And as for the suggestion to drink soy milk, etc… frankly I’d rather stick pins in my eyes (but thanks anyway). I like fresh milk, and I feel much better for drinking it, especially since the alternative is usually beer. I’ve always been a fresh milk drinker and it was one of the few things that I dreamt about finding (locally) here.

I’m curious if anyone can read the label and tell me if it really IS fresh milk, BTW (wouldn’t it be ironic if it turned out to be soy milk, ha).

Gnarly, yeah that’s it. Milk sucks. Soy rules. Just don’t go asking for it as Starbucks if you’re in Taiwan.

My wife read the label and says it translates as venerable, or, old traditional family milk. Nothing about being fresh though it does say it is 100%. Jesus, though, the fat content is 3.8%.

全聯福 also has this milk, 1892ml bottle for $92. It’s the blue label one in their ad this week, price good through 3/22.

Why not?

So anyone else tried this milk yet? I’m curious what others think of it.

i’m going to buy some tonight and try it out…

Er, what were you expecting? That’s normal. Just add water for skimmed milk.

And soy milk’s for baby soys. :raspberry:


Nothing special in taste IMHO.

As for soy milk - I’d rather have my dioxin filtered by the cow rather than getting it directly from the genetically modified soy bean!