Friday night Open Mics at the Post Home are alive & kickin'!

FR: Matt Nicodemus & Bob Lane, Post Home Open Mic co-coordinators

RE: Friday night Open Mics at the Post Home are alive and kickin’!

Contacts: Post Home Bar & Grill (
31, Lane 35, Chung Shan N. Road, Sec. 6, Tien Mou, Taipei
Bob Lane, manager & Open Mic co-coordinator
Telephone: 02-2835-6491 E-mail:

Back in the fall of last year, ICRT DJ and longtime key figure in the Taiwan music scene Rick Monday had a great idea: boost live music in north Taipei up to a new level by starting a weekly open microphone at the Post Home Bar & Grill in Tien Mou. The first of these no-cover, no-smoking events took place Friday, November 10, and it was a big success, bringing together players and very appreciative audience members from five or six different countries. Mucho fun was had by all that night, and the fun continued at the open mics that followed.

Christmas and the New Year saw this new dimension of local culture creation go into brief hibernation, but in early January, musician and Tien Mou resident Matt Nicodemus teamed up with Post Home manager Bob Lane to reawaken the slumbering beast and give it a stylin’ new set of duds. After a few weeks of hard work, they’ve set the stage for Friday Open Mics to become a real community institution, “something that will bring people together to truly enjoy each other’s creativity and company,” says Nicodemus. The first open mic of the year was Friday, January 26th, featuring not only music originals and covers but also some card tricks by a local magician. A week later, the audience again spanned the globe, with listeners from Japan, Germany, Canada, the States, Taiwan, England, Scotland and Australia, and the players included longtime Taiwan resident and singer-songwriter extraordinaire Robin Dale, visiting from his home down south in Pintung. Since then, attendance has ebbed and flowed, but a spirit of creative community has always run strong. Organizers are excited to see how things develop over the coming weeks and months.

Here are the details of what’s been put together so far:

Where: At the Post Home Bar & Grill in Tien Mou.
When: Every Friday, 8-10 pm (except for Bluezathon nights, including 3/8 & 4/6, when they’ll begin by 9:00 pm and run for two hours)
Who: Everyone’s welcome, including kids (accompanied by parents), and anyone who wants to can perform.
Which kinds of performance: Mostly music, original and otherwise, in all sorts of styles and languages, done solo or by ensemble.
How much it costs: Nothing!
How long acts perform: Generally 15 minutes or less, about 3 songs/pieces max.
How to sign up to perform: To make sure you get a spot, visit the Post Home website ( to sign up online, or call 02-2835-6491 and sign up by phone. You can also just show up to play (though you may not be able to get on the program).
Food & drink specials: Prime Rib Dinner with au jus gravy, vegetable, roll & butter (NT$295), Bottle Beer (except Boddington’s & Guinness)(NT$100). All performers get a free drink &/or snack!
Web page specials: Open Mic performer lists and photo album.
Health & well-being special: Smoke-free environment during the Open Mics!

Bob Lane sums it all up with a slogan he’s putting on posters for the Open Mics: “Real People Making Real Music.” Christopher, a Post Home regular who caught some of the shows in 2006 and plans to catch many more, says they remind him of his younger years in South Boston, when the neighborhood pubs would open up their doors on Sunday afternoons to sponsor open mic gatherings. “Those were great affairs, that really brought the community together. Whole families would show up, and everyone felt unafraid to perform, because they knew the audience really wanted to hear or see what they had to offer,” he explains.

That description applies to the Post Home events so far, reports Matt Nicodemus, noting that all the performers he’s talked to have been very happy with their Open Mic experiences. “They’re great crowds,” says Nicodemus, “and the place is small enough that you can’t almost can’t help but connect with them!” He’s focusing now on bringing in artists from around Taipei, and the whole island, as is Bob Lane, who pumps his fist as he urges, “Spread the word! Whether you’re a player or a listener, a star in the making or a groupie in training, the Post Home is a place to be on Friday nights!!”

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FREE entrance for the customers and FREE drink & snack for the performers is a (better than) decent offer…Lets keep this going.

Gambate Matt-san!

Thanks for the support, mG. Yes, do let’s all keep this good thing going. In particular, tell all of your friends & co. who would like to do even just a bit of any sort of performing (i.e. not just music) that these Open Mics are just the sort of place to do that, with no pressure, lots of support, and great interaction with other creative-expressive people. Just a few weeks ago, I was inspired by some Johnny Cash tunes I heard one Friday night and just a couple days later, while stuck in the Detroit airport for 7+ hours, wrote an entire song for my 1-year-old niece! Come join the interplaying, in whatever capacity you like. We’ll be waiting for you. Also, check out my second article on the Open Mics in the May issue of This Month in Taiwan.

I tried PMing you, but it didn’t show up in my outbox. So thought I would send you a message here.

I want to make it and perform, but can’t make it to Taipei until about 8:20 (at the train station). Is that going to be a problem? I don’t know Taipei well at all…so I don’t know how to get to different areas, how long it takes, etc.


If you get to Taipei Station at 8:20 pm, you can be at the Post Home by 9 pm no problem. Just hop on the MRT going north to Tamsui from Taipei Station and get off at Chihshan, one stop after Shihlin. Did you get the rest of my directions on how to get to the Post Home from there? If not, call me at 0972-170-392.

Got it :slight_smile: Looks like it’s an easy trip. Hope to see everyone there!

But it looks like you’re having trouble with that night as far as the Open Mic goes? Any word on that yet? (Just got the PM)