Friday the 13th . . . Comedy HYPNOSIS Show

. . . Comedy HYPNOSIS Show . . .
. . . . . . Friday the Thirteenth . . .
. . . . . . . . . at The Living Room . . .
. . . . . . . . . . . . Brian David Phillips

We will be returning to The Living Room in Taipei on April 13, 2007, for a Special Friday the Thirteenth Performance of the Brian David Phillips Waking Dreams Comedy Hypnosis Show.

The schedule and venue info for all of my upcoming hypnosis events is in English and Chinese on my webpages at . . . this is a special event performances at The Living Room for 13 April 2007, Friday the Thirteenth . . .

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Welcome to the special FRIDAY THE THIRTEENTH presentation of the BRIAN DAVID PHILLIPS WAKING DREAMS COMEDY HYPNOSIS SHOW! On April 13, 2007. Join master hypnotist BRIAN DAVID PHILLIPS for a special evening of laughs, comedy, mental magick, and hypnotic hijinks, audience participation, and non-stop hypnotic comedy laughter!

Taiwan’s only ongoing comedy hypnosis performer, BRIAN DAVID PHILLIPS ( has extensive experience in hypnosis and entertainment. In addition to being a dynamic communication and influence presenter as well as an extremely engaging speaker and focused trance/hypnosis trainer, he is a wonderfully entertaining stage hypnotist. His background with undergraduate and graduate degrees in communication and theatre and a natural sense of humor and comic timing serve him well as he presents an extremely entertaining program of hypnotic effects that is both fascinating and hilarious.

This special Friday the Thirteenth performance of the Comedy HYPNOSIS Show is appropriate for families. Children aged twelve and above through adults will enjoy the bilingual hypnotic comedy presentation.

The show begins at 8:00pm at THE LIVING ROOM. Unlike most of my other gigs which are in 18+ venues, this show’s venue is a bit more flexible so well-behaved children over twelve-years may be in attendance, a rare opportunity for family-appropriate hypnotic entertainment. The show will be more appropriate to general fun without any blatant racy humor. The full info is on the webpage along with phone numbers for reservations. Please pass it on to folks who you think might enjoy an evening of comedy audience participation.

Tell ALL your friends, family, and people you don’t even know! Don’t miss out on your chance to see the ONLY live genuine hypnotic comedy on stage in Taipei!

The Living Room ( is located at 3F, #8, Nanjing E. Rd, Sec. 5, Taipei. . . you can call 02-8787-4154 for more information about the show, to make reservations, or to ask for directions on how to get there. NT$400 for the evening . . . includes the show and two drinks.

This is the only of the Comedy Hypnosis Show in Taiwan, a full-featured entertainment comedy hypnosis show so get there early and be sure to tell your friends. This special performance program is appropriate for ages twelve and above.

For this bilingual performance (English with Chinese interpretation) of the Waking Dreams Comedy Hypnosis Show, interpretation and stage management is being provided by Lorraine Phillips (

We’re looking forward to having a whole lot of hypnotic fun so come to The Living Room on Friday, April 13, 8-9:30, for the Waking Dreams Comedy Hypnosis Show with Brian David Phillips . . . genuine comedy hypnosis in Taipei . . . see “Hypnosis Show” on the webpages at for details and more information on this and other show performances (English and Chinese information available).

See full-sized flyer at See videos and more at!

Tell your friends and pass this message on to anyone and everyone interested in quality comedy hypnosis entertainment. I appreciate your support.

Since it’s a special performance, it is a good idea to make reservations earlier. However there may be tickets at the door on the evening of the performance.

Thank you!

We will see you then!

We will also be presenting more workshops in the future as well as more of our exciting Comedy HYPNOSIS Shows in Taipei and elsewhere. See for details as well as online videos, free mp3s, audio CD products, resources, and much, much, more.

All the best,

I read your poster…feel compelled…must go hypnosis show…


We ended up not doing the full R-Rated for our first show at Spring Scream as there were underaged folks in the audience and the “over enthusiastic” folks in the audience made it hard enough for the volunteers to concentrate. It was still a fun show. The second show was much more risque and the volunteers were able to concentrate and take on the suggestions and enter genuine hypnosis much more effectively. The first show was in English with a predominately “foreign” audience while the second was bilingual with interpretation with a predominately Chinese audience. The whole festival was a blast.

The show at the Living Room this Friday will be more general audience friendly for the most part.