Fried fish for breakfast, lunch, and dinner?

Hey all,

My neighbours seem to eat fried fish for every meal, even breakfast - at 6am. I don’t object to the smell. It just seems like it would be really unhealthy.

I’m fairly new to Taiwan (Taipei). Is this common?



Hmmm…I can think of less healthy options than that.

People are quite resilient in what they can gain nutrition from, you know. The Eskimos; I hear they live off meat and fat; some hippies in Australia, nothing but bananas and coconuts; French guy I met at a hostel; nothing but kinder-buenos and Coke.

In the very few times I’ve stuck around these parts for CNY I did notice certain dishes kept reappearing meal after meal when I was logging long hours at the in-laws, and I ain’t just talkin bout the rice.

I don’t think it’s common. The buffet I USED to go to (the one that served floor chicken) had fried fish on the table all the time, but I rarely saw anyone take any.

As far as I’ve heard and seen it’s not uncommon for a huge amount of food to get prepared for CNY dinner, then left out and warmed up meal after meal for several days until all of the food is consumed. Old school style before refrigeration I suppose. Maybe your neighbors came across a basket full of fish and have limited space in their freezer

I doubt they ate ONLY fish, probably with vegetables and rice too, and that’s not unhealthy.

Plus fish is pretty healthy by itself anyways, provides all the needed protein and then some (Omega 3 among others).