Friendly Cat for adoption!

Pumpkin is about 4 years old, she’s…pumpkin colored, chubby, and sweet! Trying to find her a loving home because my job takes me away from the city too much and she gets lonely. She’s spayed and has her shots up to date. If you are interested I can email you her photo!

You could get another cat to keep her company.

Awwwww… I cannot take one more now. But I think the idea of second cat might be good, just read first about how to properly introduce cats so you won’t give up on them after a week of fighting. Chinese New Year holidays are coming, that would be good time as usually you need to supervise the cats during the introduction period.

If it’s not a way, good luck! you can try post on Taiwanese adoption websites (I got my cat from one of those).

do you have any websites you can give me for adoption sites? i can list her on there too…thanks!

The ones I know I’ve listed here: … 9&t=116627

a person called Streleven here on Forumosa just posted that he was looking for a cat… look for his posting… good luck !!