FRIENDS: In Defense of Rachel and Joey

Who’s watched F•R•I•E•N•D•S? What do ya think:

I was never as annoyed by that story line as I was when Rachel’s suddenly in love with Ross again in the finale. Made no sense to me.

There’s actually a damn good argument on that site.

Phoebe totally carried the show…oh, and that Aryan Central Perk manager guy. Everything else was just noise (with bad hairstyles). Oh, and some of the 80s college flashback scenes were pretty damn funny.

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I couldn’t read all of that…the person could’ve at least wrote it in a blog or something, but 100 tweets? C’mon.

Nonetheless, what I did read, it’s a solid argument.

Ross, despite the hate that the character gets nowadays for being the worst person in the world, was a great character in the show. Almost anything bad that could’ve happened in your 20s and 30s, happened to Ross.

My counter argument for Joey and Rachel making it actually happen after the Barbados episode(s) or even before it meant for a…boring show. If they were so perfect for each other, there would not be so much drama between them. Just shenanigans like eating spaghett off the floor, which some people might argue is just as entertaining, but Ross and Rachel’s relationship, in my opinion, was an aspect of the show that made me wanting to come back and see what happens next.

How I see it is, R&R had soo much more history. It just more…heart warming to see something that could’ve happened in high school, happened 20 years later in their lives.

This is how it goes…

Seinfeld early to middle seasons> Seinfeld later seasons > Friends early to middle seasons > Mad About You> Ned & Stacy > The Single Guy> getting waterboarded at Guantanamo Bay> Friends the final seasons

Phoebe and Joey I think, the rest of the characters were boring, especially Monica and Chandler.

Chandler got so bloated in the later seasons. Chandler the expander…

It seemed pretty good at the time, but watch it now and it really is crap. Even Frasier hasn’t aged well at all. Very few sitcoms age well. Watch Fawlty Towers - it’s actually a bit painful. I think the sitcoms that are set in the past are most likely to last.

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But when Joey got his own show, it immediately tanked. At least Chandler had the college flashback bits with his Flock of Seagulls haircut.


Middle age hits some people like a freight train. Kinda felt sorry for him.

Ross was such a terrible boyfriend that I constantly wanted to slap him when he was with Rachel, but Joey was also a terrible character all around. He was a one-dimensional, freeloading idiot and his romantic storyline with Rachel was the worst ever.

That’s not the reason. He experienced dramatic weight loss and weight gain during the show because of addiction. You can notice his weight loss between the finale of season 6 and the beginning of season 7, he checked himself into a rehab during the break.

I never found the show funny or relatable. I guess I would have been exposed to the show right when I moved to the US.


Friends sucks except for 4 reasons. Rachel and Monica

I wouldn’t throw Phoebe out of bed.

As long as she doesn’t squeak speak.

Friends is the best show ever.

Cosby Show certainly hasn’t aged well… but maybe for different reasons.

I did not know that. I guess making all that money for not doing much work must have put the poor guy under a lot of pressure.

…When are you not like this? Doesn’t it get tiring…