FRIENDS: In Defense of Rachel and Joey


My defense is that…his girlfriend was Rachel, I mean, what guy didn’t want to be with her and what girl didn’t want to be her?

I’m not saying every guy would react the way Ross did to Rachel’s actions, but it’s not unheard of.


Not tiring at all. I have nothing against the guy, but I just don’t have a lot of sympathy for pampered actors and their personal problems. Well, if he’s still undergoing serious addiction issues, I guess he does have my sympathy. That’s not fun for anybody.


I remember my dragon boat coach telling us that we needed to shape up for up coming matches, and extra-practice hours would be on Thursday night, and more than half of the people just shook their heads. The puzzled coach was half sentence into asking why is Thursday night a bad time, before he suddenly paused and said “Friend?” Everyone, including me nodded. He sighed and said… “you people…”

Those were the days…

Anyway, they made Ross too annoying a character. It’s inevitable I guess, when you have a supposed hopeless romantic date countless people and not able to make it work, it gets old. The same thing happened to Ted Mosby… To make these characters interesting, the writers also gave them a bunch of ridiculous quirks and humiliating physical comedy bits, which make them seem even more uncool.

Rachel and Joey wouldn’t be too bad a match, but it was just out of nowhere and feels forced. Maybe if they build it up a little, I might feel differently.


Ted started off kind of sweet and that show lost so much steam so fast. After the stolen blue horn and the 4 minute date, he seemed to have run out of romantic gestures to the point that it’d probably suck to be dating him.


The show started with a gimmick, and then proceeded to go from gimmick to gimmick. Some of the writing was OK, but ultimately, you just didn’t end up investing in any of the characters. The show was clever, but not engaging.


If you watched the scene where Marshall received the news, you wouldn’t say that. There are plenty of genuine heart in most of the episodes. How your mother met me is a great example.

I am invested in Ted, Marshall, Lily and the mother. I like Barney for Barney’s shenanigans, and not really for him to act like he’s not himself. Maybe that’s why I’m one of the few who aren’t angry at the finale.


Marshall and Lily, yes. However, Ted for me was kind of…meh. At first, he was quirky and it was funny to watch, but it just…got out of hand.

Isn’t their a fan theory about how the two shows follow a disturbingly similar story line?


There are definitely moments where I go… wait… I’m sure Friends did this…

The “hot cousin” trope to introduce a celebrity cameo probably contributed to that.


As disturbing as the premise of that Friends episode is…it’s still pretty hilarious and a very memorable episode.


It was great, and I think a perfect example of why Ross was a good addition to the cast. He was such a loser, it was funny. It’s also a good example of why Rachel shouldn’t have ended up with him…

The HIMYM one… I’m thinking, Michelle Trachtenberg when they went to the Empire State Building? That wasn’t a great one.


I didn’t make it that far, having lost interest way before then. Didn’t seem worth the investment, so I closed my position and cut my losses. The characters were just too two-dimensional to me.


To me, HIMYM seemed like an attempt to combine Friends-type characters with the existential humor of Seinfeld. But it didn’t really hit the high notes of either.


What surprised me is Friends’ staying power. I mean, teenagers today are watching it en mass.

You don’t really see that with Cheers, or Frasier, or even Seinfeld.


I think it has something to do with the long story arc and how the characters change and develop over time. I didn’t really invest in the characters, but apparently a lot of people do.



Matter of taste but I find her overrated look wise and attractiveness wise in general. Just one guy’s opinion! :slight_smile:


She was OK looking, but her personality was awful.


Exactly, I would never get anywhere close to this kind of woman in real life, but she was funny at times I suppose (and Monica was even worse :))


That’s not a defense. He was just really selfish. What kind of boyfriend shows up at gf’s work with a picnic basket then makes a total mess?

Besides, he was jealous af.

That said, I liked it when they weren’t together. They were really funny in Vegas and when Rachel was driving Monica’s porsche.

Friends has aged way better than Frasier or Seinfeld.


I didn’t like Seinfeld first time round, personal taste I guess. However, I think that Frasier has aged much better than Friends. Admittedly, the later Frasier episodes tended to descend into farce and it basically jumped the shark when Niles and Daphne got together. Kelsey Grammar also became increasingly manic towards the end - probably drug related. I’ll watch an early episode of Friends and Frasier tonight and see if my opinion needs a reassessment, but the last time I watched an old episode of Friends it was painful. The gags were too staged and to be honest I don’t think any of them are particularly good comic actors. Also, the entire set-up is difficult to buy into - two apartments overlooking Central Park.