Friends, that you know what's going to happen when you meet

Do you have friends that you know what’s going to happen most times you meet?

Good friends close friends but you know part of that equation is more than possibly but probably going to include sex.

Maybe you talk professionally or seriously or jokingly you know and just have a great communication relationship but if you’re ever together sex is probably or possibly part of the equation.

You know professional friends or just friend friends that you might not see each other for years but then when you do meet up that’s possibly going to happen.

Maybe someone you know for 2 years or 10 years or 20 years you are great friends and talk and communicate, or not, but if you’re ever together it’s possibly probably going to include sex.

I do. I have friends and we’re both in a different situations in life maybe different parts of the world and we talk or don’t talk for years but we know if we’re ever in the same location that’s probably going to happen


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Okay. Where? I’m in Taipei.

Edit: or is beer or your friend or what I don’t understand unless you’re just making stupid comments which that’s too obvious obviously obviously

Yeh. Probable probably probably the second one, maybe.

Yeah. This is also known as a ‘hanging and banging,’ friend. They are hard to find.

I have lots of friends for hanging but i have to do my own banging.

Just kidding.

I have no friends.


I assumed he was suggesting that maybe you were possibly drunk posting.

Possibly because your post kept implying you were thinking about a specific friend who you would like to benefit with.

Yeh, well the incoherence and rambly repetition would be consistent with that diagnosis, but I was mostly just responding to the title. i.e I know beer is going to happen when I meet friends.

That’s back in The World
Here I’m not sure I have friends.

Many of the Taiwanese I have non-banging relationships with there is a religious sub-text, so I’m afraid either (a) a bid for my immortal soul is going to happen, though it is in fact deceased, or (b) an impromptu Free English Conversation Lesson Ambush is going to happen, which I’m hardly paid enough for in my day job.

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I don’t want to bang any of my mates