Frixion Pens in Taipei

Are there erasable Pilot Frixion Pens at the stationary store of Eslite Books Main Store? I plan to visit it later this week and I am wondering if I can save the trip.

Do other bookstores or stationers carry them in Taipei?

Yes, they are very easy to find.
You can get one even in Poya.

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Yes, they are relatively easy to find. Kingstone has them too. Problem is price, not the same as Japan, and forget about cartriges only.

I load up every time I travel or have anyone who´s traveling bring them over.

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Uum… these pens (and their refills) are available basically anywhere that sells stationery that I’ve been to (Taipei and Xinbei).


Thank you, folks. I think I need to get out more

Actually I discovered recently something awesome: erasable color pencils.

Oh and pencils for those of us with defective motor skills. A thick triangle is easier to grab.

Aren’t pencils erasable by definition? What’s special about this one?

Colored pencils are not usually erasable

From - “Some companies offer erasable colored pencils for beginning artists to experiment with.”

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Ok. My bad.
I obviously had only written using black pencils no. 2…

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You missed the trend of adult coloring books then…

I can’t say I regret it :stuck_out_tongue_winking_eye: