Frog in a Sock and RBMA present: Havana Pool Party with DAVA NADA (8.3)

It’s what we’ve been waiting for all summer long!


In Taiwan!
The originator of a whole genre of booty shakin’ music—moombahton!


At Happy World Riverside WaterPark!

And it’s F.R.E.E to get in before 4pm! AND the party goes till 11PM!

Yes, there have been a few bumps along the road with Havana this summer, but what doesn’t kill you makes you stronger. Now we are ready to present the BIGGEST DJ TO EVER PLAY AT A POOL PARTY IN TAIWAN!

In 2009, Dave Nada slowed down some electro beats and gave birth to a new style of music—MOOMBAHTON. Now he heads to the shores of Taiwan as the first moombahton DJ to play here. He’s released records on Diplo’s Mad Decent label and is one half of the festival-killing Nadastorm. His party Moombahton Massive is one of the wildest events to happen regularly in the United States. Most recently, Nada appeared as a guest on the Red Bull Music Academy’s Culture Clash in NYC and helped Trouble & Bass win the coveted title.

2009 年,Dave Nada 將一些電子節奏放慢,締造出一種全新的音樂風格—MOOMBAHTON。如今他朝著台灣岸邊出發,為首位在當地放 音樂的 moombahton DJ。他曾透過 Diplo’s Mad Decent label 發行唱片,而且是音樂季搗蛋王 Nadastorm 的其中一員。他的 Moombahton Party 是全美定期最狂野的盛事之一。近來,Nada 更擔任 Red Bull Music Academy 於紐約市舉辦的 Culture Clash 的嘉賓,幫助 Trouble & Bass 贏得頭銜。

Here’s a few links to get your mouth watering:

The Invention of MOOMBAHTON

Dave Nada Mix: … ver-on-the

Nadastorm mix … -warmup-15

Happy World Riverside Water Park
Address: No.112-1 Huanhe Road Xindian (大新店游泳池(新北市新店區環河路112-1號)

While we know this venue is a little bit out of the way, but it’s only a 10 minute walk from the Xindien MRT.

The owner has been steadily improving the venue and it is ready for a Moombahton Massive Party with you and all of your friends.

Waterslides? :ballot_box_with_check:
Pools? :ballot_box_with_check:
Hot springs? Saunas? Steam Rooms? Spas? :ballot_box_with_check:
Free video games? :ballot_box_with_check:
Zorbs that crawl on the top of the water? :ballot_box_with_check:
Brand New Spray pools? :ballot_box_with_check:

The party will be family-friendly until 6PM. At that time, the owner will ask the youngsters to leave the premises and the music and fun can be turned up to 11.
This summer, Havana 2013 is going all out to make sure the party people in Taiwan have the most fun they can possibly have. That includes mouthwatering food from Juanita’s Burritos and Tacos as well as BBQ specialties ( … 2273521035)

今年夏天,#Havana2013 豁出去了,我們想要所有在台灣熱愛跑趴的朋友都能玩得最盡興。包括令人垂涎三尺的美食,BBQ 招待、food friend 的口袋麵包和 Junita’s 的墨西哥捲餅和炸玉米餅。

Drinks? What party is complete without a great selection of drinks? We will have Carlsberg to cool you down as well as Sommersby Cider on tap. We will have an amazing selection of summer drinks including frozen margaritas and the pool favorites, mojitos and sangrias. Don’t forget about all the specials we’ll be running on shots and Red Bull drinks. And buckets…there will be a lot of buckets.
至於喝的呢?哪一個派對少了種類繁多的酒類還會完整呢?我們將會提供 Carlsberg 生啤酒來讓你退退火,還有大桶的 Sommersby Cider。我們也會有一系列超棒的夏季調酒,包括霜凍瑪格麗特和泳池的最愛,摩西多和西班牙水果酒。還有,別忘了我們一口酒和紅牛飲料都有作促銷喔。至於桶子呢,你將會看到很多的桶子。

Twerk Off

Who wants to be the TWERKING champion of Taiwan? Come to the party and show off your moves and win a free bottle of the good stuff.

You may have heard about it. You may have been dreaming about it. It’s back.

We invented the Chicken Fight Battle Royal © and this year it will be even bigger and better than before. It’s simple, girls get on guys’ shoulders and then battle until there is only one couple left standing. For safety concerns, we do have a few rules:

Chicken Fight 的皇家格鬥
我們發明了Chicken Fight 的皇家格鬥,而這一年它會比以往都還要盛大。遊戲相當簡單,女生跳上男生的肩膀,然後一直博鬥到場上只剩下一對情侶。基於安全考量,我們有一些規則。
RULE #1-This is fun. The people watch and participating are supposed to be HAVING FUN! And ungentlemanly conduct will be automatically disqualified.
規則1. 這是一場好玩的遊戲! 大家應該維持基本的紳士行為並抱持著運動家的精神參與和觀賞這個遊戲。若有任何意圖不軌的小動作,將馬上被取消參賽資格!
RULE #2-No hitting. This includes slapping, punching, or scratching. We understand this is a physical event but the key here is FUN! Also, if someone purposefully rips a girls’ top off, they will be automatically disqualified.
規則2. 不准打人! 請勿任意的對參賽者有任何暴力的動作,例如打耳光、拳打或指甲抓傷…等傷人的動作。我們可以理解大家想贏的心情,但也請大家了解,這個活動最大的目的在於有趣跟好玩! 另外,若有任何人被發現故意撕毀參賽女選手的泳衣,亦會馬上被取消參賽資格!
RULE #3-Have fun.
規則3. 玩得開心!


Other DATES:
Havana Grand Finale with International Headliner and party maestro SAMMY BANANAS

Party maestro Sammy Bananas lives up to his name by crafting ecstatic tracks that ditch trendy production tricks in favor of pure pop satisfaction. He’s already remixed the likes of Chromeo, Passion Pit, and Kid Cudi.

Sammy Bananas Fool’s Gold EPs High Top Fades and Braids & Fades pay tribute to the biker-shorted divas of the 1990s, chopping up their R&B hits into uptempo club tracks. The approach has already made fans out of influential BBC DJ Annie Mac and platinum producer, who ran up to the DJ booth at Sammy’s LA show to shout “YOU made this?!?”

有沒有搞錯?九月七日SAMMY BANANAS (Fool’s Gold/RMBA)
派對之王 Sammy Bananas 果真名不虛傳,他打造出狂歡歌曲,摒棄了純粹為了迎合大眾喜好的主流製作手法。他曾將 Chromeo,Passion Pit,和 Kid Cudi 的歌曲混音。 … -top-fades … ids-fades/

Sammy Bananas 由 Fool’s Gold EPs 發行的 High Top Fades 和 Braids & Fades 向九十年代穿著熱褲騎車的女歌姬致敬,將她們的 R&B 暢銷歌曲轉變為節奏較輕快的夜店音樂。這項作法已經使得深具影響力的 BBC DJ Annie Mac 和白金製作人 為之瘋狂,他甚至跑去 Sammy 在洛杉磯表演的 DJ 臺大喊:『這是你做的!?』

Following the release of his first fully-original tracks on the Fool’s Gold Vol 1 compilation and Telephoned, his cover-song collaboration with singer Maggie Horn ( … -bananas-1


繼他在Fool’s Gold Vol 1 compilation與歌手 Maggie Horn 合作發行的首張全原創歌曲 Telephoned 之後,Sammy Bananas 發行了過去半年來最棒的歌曲之一,分別是 Miguel’s Adorn 和 the summer smash 的混音曲,和 Justin Timberlake 的Gruv Get it。


Facebook: froginasockevents
Twitter: froginasockevents
An exclusive mixer provided by Pioneer all summer long


Getting to Happy World Pool is easy from Xindian MRT Station. Take a 2 minute bus ride on buses 644, 906, or green 5 and get off at Qin Qing Riverside Park Bus Stop. Or, take a 10-15 minute walk from Xindian MRT Station along the beautiful riverside park. Make sure you walk along the river to the north on the right side and follow the noise of music and happy people to reach Happy World Riverside Water Park

Address: No.112-1 Huanhe Road Xindian (大新店游泳池(新北市新店區環河路112-1號)


ENTRANCE (with a drink):
Women NT$300
Men NT$400

Free Entry from 12pm-4pm
Open 12pm till 11pm

Facebook page

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was quite a day at the pool

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final one of the year on September 7 with House Maestro Sammy Bananas