Frog in a sock’s 萬聖節派對: RESURRECTION VI HALLOWEEN PARTY @ The Red Theater (10.31.15)

frog in a sock’s 萬聖節派對: RESURRECTION VI HALLOWEEN PARTY @ The Red Theater (10.31.15)

:warning: Three HUGE costume competitions :warning:

:warning: LIVE MUSIC with Ska-rockers SKARAOKE :warning:

:warning: Seven DJs including Marcus Aurelius, The Uppitys, NeKBRACE, Cross Cutz, Riva, AlleyCat :warning:

Straight off the biggest summer we’ve ever had, frog in a sock is proud to host RESURRECTION VI @ The Red Theater.

We’ve had aliens, Sailor Moons, purses, Rubik’s Cubes, wrestlers, and everything else you can imagine under the sun and each year the costumes keep getting crazier.

This year we will have not one, not two, but three costume competitions! All will be decided by audience applause.

:atom_symbol:WORST Costume​:atom_symbol:
You know the person. They wait till the day of and put a wig on and wrap a piece of tin foil around their neck and call themselves Mr. T. Or that one person who refuses to dress up but at the last minute they put on extra eye shadow. This is for them. It will be funny. It will be quick. It will be for the people who are least motivated by Halloween.
:atom_symbol:PRIZE NT$1000 and a slap on the back of the neck​:atom_symbol:

:atom_symbol:BEST INDIVIDUAL Costume​:atom_symbol:
Every year, we have amazing people who spends days on getting their costumes right. For this one, you’ll be going solo, but you’ll have the whole crowd at your fingertips.
:atom_symbol:PRIZE NT$5000​:atom_symbol:

:atom_symbol:BEST GROUP Costume​:atom_symbol:
This is where the big dogs come to play and legends are made. We’ve seen Alice and Wonderland’s whole posse, the LegoMan Crew and more. What can you and your friends bring to the table?
:atom_symbol:PRIZE NT$10,000​:atom_symbol:

The costume competition will begin right after Skaraoke’s set, so be up by, near, or close to the stage at 11.45pm if you want to be involved.
For years, we’ve been trying to get Skaraoke and our schedules don’t seem to work out, but this year WE GOT ‘EM and they are ready to tear the roof off the Red Theater.

♬ Marcus Aurelius ♬
As a former extra from Buffy the Vampire Slayer, Aurelius’ claim to fame is that he was conceived at a drive-in theater during a screening of Psyco 3.

♬ The Uppitys ♬
This husband and wife DJ team met while waiting for the Great Pumpkin one year and fell in love over an addiction to house music

This DJ has fought Freddy Kruger, Michael Myers, and Dick Cheney and lived to tell the story. Watch out for a mix of twerk, trap, hip-hop and hi-energy bang-a-lang.

♬ Cross Cutz ♬
For years, this scratcher, cutter, and remixer has been making Jack o’ Lanterns like no other.

♬ Riva + Alley Cat ♬
These two lovely vampiresses made their debut at Havana Pool Party and played great together so we invited them back for more screams!

預購票:NT$700元一張(附一杯酒) 10/1日起發售
NT$700 (with a drink) presale tix available 10/1
NT$1,000 (with a drink) tix at the door

We will have pre-sale tickets available at various places around town plus many people can deliver them to your door if needed.

:radioactive::radioactive:TABLE INFORMATION :radioactive::radioactive:

二樓VIP包廂(限量8桌):NTD$ 12,000 含10人入場卷,附3瓶酒與軟性飲料

Upstairs VIP Room (8 tables)
10 people entry
Three bottles (+ mixers)

:radioactive::radioactive: HOUSE ROOM :radioactive::radioactive:
浩室包廂(限量2桌):NTD$ 7000 含6人入場卷,附2瓶酒與軟性飲料
House Room (2 tables)
6 people entry
Two bottles (+mixers)

:radioactive::radioactive: HIP-HOP ROOM :radioactive::radioactive:
嘻哈包廂(限量5桌):NTD $8000 含6人入場卷,附2瓶酒與軟性飲料 Hip-Hop Room (5 tables)
6 people entry
Two bottles (+mixer)

加點酒一瓶2500(附軟性飲料) Extra bottles NT2,500 (+mixer)

:radioactive::radioactive:This year, we got a notice from the Red Theater that said we can’t have people outside since the cops were called so many times last year. So that means once you are in, you are in. No Re-Entry​:radioactive::radioactive:

We will have a coat check for all our customers

【注意事項|Notice 】
3.18 歲以下不得入場,活動當日將會在門口檢視身分證件,請記得攜帶。
5.Frog in a sock將為活動進行攝影紀錄。
7.本活動禁止攜帶外食、飲料、錄影錄音器材、任何種類之金屬、玻璃、 寶特瓶容器、煙火、錄影錄音器材、任何種類之金屬、玻璃、 寶特瓶容器、槍砲彈藥刀械或其他主辦單位認定之危險物品等物品進入入場。

if you are interested in booking a table, feel free to message me 0981.009.343. the house room is all sold out. the hip-hop room is close to being, and only a few upstairs VIP rooms are left.

here is the info how to get tickets at FamilyMart

and here is the facebook event for those interested