From ARC to student visa? What to do?

I have been in Taiwan for almost six months now and it has been a very challenging time to say the least…

Worked for a school that gave me an ARC. The day after we applied for the ARC, however, they cut my hours (by 30 a month) without notice and with immediate effect. I then gave them two months notice.

Now I’ve found a great job at a school that has to many foreign teachers and they can only transfer my ARC in a few months. (Maybe)

They suggested that I get a student visa and they offered to pay for chinese classes. I have no clue as to what the procedure is and hear different stories from different people.

I must let my old school know by the end of the week if they must cancell my ARC of transfer it. By the looks of it, it will have to be cancelled.

Do I have 7 days from the moment I tell them that they can cancell my ARC to get out of Taiwan? My new boss said that I must wait for a letter from the government confirming the cancellation. What are the chances for that?

If I do register for chinese classes, don’t I need to attend for 4 months before I can apply for a student visa?

What do I need for my visa run?

How much money should I have in my bank account? Can it be a bank account opened in Taiwan because I don’t have a lot of money in my bank at home as I have been paying off my studies during the past five months.

I am absolutely terrified and unsure about everything. will appreciate a reply and some advise.

Thank you

You could ask about some of these details at the Foreign Affairs Police in Hsimen. Also, there are Chinese language schools who could tell you about this matter - ask for which ones at the Foreign Affairs Police.