From the "peace march" in NYC

Take a look at this video interview with some of the marchers…what a bunch of maroons. :unamused: … otest.html

Brilliant! :sunglasses: :laughing:

my favorite was the march in london: … 3a5m8.html

are these people so clueless that they don’t understand the historical context of the sign they’re holding?


That is a great photo… I have not made up my mind - but do I see a sly, puckish smile on the face of the guy holding the sign? Did he perhaps know exactly what he was doing…???

Great photo! And now, straight from the horse’s mouth:

"We, the German F

This link reminds me of when I lived in DC and would pull out my “make abortion manditory[sic]” sign during big supreme court abortion rulings.
protestor infiltrators