Front Projection TVs

I see that front projection DLPs are selling very cheaply at the moment and presume they’ll fall in price further. EPSON, BenQ, Optoma and hp all have DLP and LCD models that are around $NT 50 000.

How do these actually work? I was under the impression that they sit on top of your existiong TV and project the image accross the room onto your wall or screen. Is that right? Is a TV necessary or can you buy some thing that replaces the need for one.

These look great and I’m pretty keen to project some Aussie footy onto my clean wall.

Rascal and co!! What is there that I need to know about these devices. What do you think. Pros cons?

They work like a projector in the cinema, but electronically, the image is projected onto a wall, or projector screen. If you put in on a tv, they would shine into your face. :astonished:

Maybe you’re asking about tuners. I don’t know if they have tuners… I wouldn’t watch tv on one, I’ll save it for DVD’s to save wearing it out. But I can understand wanting to watch footy on massive screen.

Hobart had a good thread about them in here somewhere.

BFM, I mean that the TV is connected into the monitor that then projects your picture accross the room. My brother in law bought one from Guanghua the other week and was showing it off to me. He had a cartoon projecting onto the wall that was coming from either a DVD or TV that was connected into the front projection thing!!! Didn’t have enough time then to find out how everthing worked. I’d like to bypass the TV completely if I could and watch evryhting big screen.


you mean on of these things? (for example)

if so, they are awesome… quality can suffer tho at larger ‘screen’ sizes. we watched the cricket on one here at work (when matty hayden got the highest score)… very tidy indeed.

Yes, these are exactly what I’m talking about.

Amos, projectors are fed directly from the source, e.g. a TV tuner or a DVD player, they do not require a TV and are normally not connected to those.
Projectors are also not placed on top of the TV but rather at the opposite side (wall or ceiling mounted, or placed on a coffee table) and a screen goes into the place where you normally have your TV. Projecting against a white wall will work but a screen usually yields better results; good screens are expensive however.
As well note that you need to darken the room to get best results with a front projection system.

If you want to watch TV via a projector you need some kind of TV tuner that supplies the signal to the projector.
That said don’t you have a Satellite receiver now? That might be suitable, just need to ensure you can match the output of the SAT receiver to the projectors input.

Some general hints/advise:
If you are into DVD make sure the projector has a native 16:9 panel, progressive scan function and YUV input, if possible even a DVI-D input.
If you want to use it as PC monitor the resolution should be 1024x768 or greater, a VGA or DVI input is mandatory then.
If the projector cannot be mounted exactly on-axis to the screen you need keystone correction (projector too high or too low from the center of the screen) and/or lens shifting features (projector offset to left or right side), otherwise the resulting picture will look trapezoid.

Needless to say all those more advanced features make a projector more expensive.

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Hi, I posted quite a lot about fp there, maybe the threads should be merged, or my posts moved…

So EEzzee! Did you end up buying one or not?

Thanks for that too Rascal and yes I do have a satellite receiver so that should do the trick. Much clearer.

:frowning: not yet

amos spoils himself and purchases the BenQ DLP PE6800. Wow, what a wonderful looking new toy it is too. A perfect complement to satellite tv.
Looked and compared it to the panasonic AE500U. Price was relative. Quality different. Thanks for the heads up boys.

Congrats on the purchase, Amos.

I saw my first video projector (analog, not digital) on some international flight across the Pacific (can’t remember where I was going). Must have been 1980-something. I was amazed, and predicted that these things would soon replace conventional TV sets. After all, who needs (or wants) a CRT when you can project a larger image on the wall or screen?

It never happened. Analog video projectors where pretty much just used on airlines. I don’t recall ever seeing an affordable one for the home. It took the digital revolution to make it a reality.

One question I have for you hardware tech gurus…why are these projectors more expensive than CRT TVs? They don’t even have a tuner.


[quote=“amos”]amos spoils himself and purchases the BenQ DLP PE6800. Wow, what a wonderful looking new toy it is too. A perfect complement to satellite tv.
Looked and compared it to the panasonic AE500U. Price was relative. Quality different. Thanks for the heads up boys.[/quote]

Damn… can I come up and watch the AFL final lol…

Of course you’re selling meat pies and crown lager for the event…

Good quality satellite receivers can output to any required tv mode as well as aspect ratio so when you go 16:9 set the receiver to output 16:9 in your AV setting AMOS…

Robert, can’t answer your question too well but I do know that projectors are dropping price pretty much monthly. I just did a google search for my model and found them priced at between $82K-$92K. Damn, take almost a third off that now mate. This model only came our in Dec last year. They’ll get cheaper again. No reciever - that didn’t bother me as I have satellite tv. I just watched Geelong beat Essendon in the AL 1st semi. Wow, now that was awesome. Worth every minute of teaching, without doubt.

After playing around with the cords, I see I can also project regular cable onto my wall too. No need for a receiver at all. One cord running from the TV componant imput to the projector.

Did you find the Panasonic AE500 not as good as the Benq? I have the AE300 and am really happy, but wanting to upgrade to the AE500. Did you see a side by side with the Benq?

By the way, do you watch yours during the day? I seem to only use the projector for watching DVD’s and use a 42in plasma for cable TV, Sat TV and all daytime viewing including DVD’s. Projectors just aren’t that bright for day time viewing.

IU am currently trying to get my self-built Home Theater PC setup to run DVI out to the projector for DVD viewing. Got to play around with Dscaler and Powerstrip though. By the way, a great place to learn about projectors and home theater is here


I originally went in there with the plan of walking out with a brand spanking new Panasonic AE500U under my arm. My BOL has one and speaks highly of it. I’d also done quite a bit of reaearch on the AVI and Projector Central forums. Once I was there (projector store), I checked it out in the screening room and it looked pretty good to say the least, but the sales guy insisted that I check out the BenQ before I decide. After checking that out, I watched the Panasonic once more. I didn’t check them out side by side, but I was impressed, the drop in my BOL’s jaw told me where his thoughts were too. The differences in clarity were pretty obvious. The picture on the BenQ was much sharper and the blacks were quite a difference darker. Contrast was also 2000:1 compared to 1300:1. For interests sake, the BenQ is a DLP projector while the Panasonic is an LCD one. We know about the format war already so I won’t get into that.

I’ve watched it both in day time in a darkened room and also at night. Unfortunately, my satellite receiver doesn’t have componant imput/outputs so I’m only using the yellow video feeding from my receiver into my projector for picture. Still damn impressive, but obviously not the best option for a better picture. I didn’t buy a screen either as I’ve always got the thought of going back to Australia in the back of my mind, so big and bulky and inconvenient are important words to me, so I’m projecting onto my wall that has bunker tape outlining the screen border. At the moment I’ve only watched the Rugby Union, Rugby League and AFL on it. Unfortunately I don’t have the options you’ve got mate, it’s either the projector of my shitty living room CRT, so it’s strictly only been sport so far.



Thanks for the info. Did you see that an AE700 was annouced recently. The speed of technology in the projector industry at the moment is out of control. I will surely check out Benq now. I just never took them seriously before as they are more of a PC not Home Theater manufacturer.

Can you use S-Video instead? That should give a visible improvement over composite (yellow video).

(S-Video uses a round DIN/Hosiden connector with 5 pins)

Rascal, my receiver only appear to have rs232cdata and the yellow video. No svideo. Pain in the arse actually because the projector has everything.

By the way, here’s a link to the benq