Fruit names do not invite ghosts

I’m glad we have that cleared up. The priests may disagree.


This changes everything!


Bah, don’t believe it until unless a Buddhist or toaist priest says so. This could be a trick by the ghosts!


Does offering cookies invite the Cookie Monster?


I wish somebody would find a way to challenge the law that says the seller of a house must inform the buyer if it’s haunted.

It won’t be on that basis–that’s not what it says. You have to report if someone died there and the circumstances. Not exactly sure of the specifics.

Any specific reason for this desire by the way? :scream:

Why? You could probably make a good business out of snapping up “haunted” properties at bargain-basement prices and then renting them out. AFAIK you don’t have to disclose the haunted status to a tenant.

You know, if you have a few million NT$ going spare, like.

Every once in a while, i overcrowded, overbuiltt northern Taiwan, you encounter a delipidated property in what does not seem a particularly depressed neighborhood.

There has to be a reason this precious real estate is going to waste. But not necessarily a good reason.

For example, at the Technology Center MRT. In plain view of the platform, looking west. What’s up with that?

Okay. So does the government maintain a registry listing where everybody’s death occurs, or am I expected to do original research?

If I’m going to make money from this, it will be by billing myself as an exorcist.

What I don’t get about this is what about all the other fucking superstitions? Its 2017, all due respect to cultural heritage and all but surely its time to stop believing in ghosts? (Its not like us civilized westerners believe in anything weird such as virgin births or take part in ritualized cannibalism or whatnot.)

Great, now that they’ve cleared that up, how about banning joss paper? Do their ancestors really think polluting the air is beneficial for them? It is pollution and a fire hazard

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We have a few threads about that.

I know, it’s just the burning paper thing annoys me so much i cant help but mention it. Now off to buy bananas and pineapples

I’ve thought of a way to combat supersitition…scientifically! Okay, people here believe there are lucky and unlucky days, right? And that they should definitely get married on a lucky day…? My idea is to get a random list of marriages, note their dates, then look up to see whether they lasted five years or not. (Arbitrary but simple definition of success, borrowed from the medical concept of survival rates.)

But wait, you say–the sort of couple who marries on an unlucky day may differ from the larger population in other ways as well, and this may affect the results. Okay, fine. We take our marriage stats from a non-Chinese country, where people don’t know about lucky or unlucky days. Or does Chinese astrology only work on Chinese people?

Next up: experiments to determine whether eating or drinking cold things really does cause you to have a cold. Do you think the country is ready to abandon the belief in yin and yang?

As has been noted, most cultures have such weird beliefs. Good luck disproving them scientifically :slight_smile:

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Hopefully I’ll never succumb to such superstitious beliefs, knock on wood.

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This place near Nanmen Market remains unrented since the horrific murders by Chen Jin-Xing at a plastic surgery clinic that was located there in 1997. The first floor was empty for years and only held occasional temporary fruit or clothing sellers, but rented out a few years back.

Sounds interesting. Is there a thread on this or more info somewhere?

Should be. It was the Bai Xiao-Yen kidnapping and murder case.

And we didn’t talk about bad vegetables yet!