I have a photo of a kitten that needs a home but am buggered if I can figure out how to get the picture on the post - can anyone explain how to do this in simple steps?
And I am sorry if this has been covered many times but my pateince has run out and so I am just going to ask !!

If the picture is posted somewhere on the Web you can link to it like this:

[img]http://www.(then the rest of the link)[/img]

So for example:


If the picture isn’t on the Web already, then you won’t be able to put it up through the forums (unless Gus has installed an addon I don’t know about).

In this case email the photo to me (I’ll PM the address) and let me know which post you want it in and I will put it up for you.

You need to first put the pic on a hosting site – you can’t link to it on from your own computer. There are many free ones – photobucket and flickr are two that come to mind. Once you’ve signed up with one of them and its hosted there, you can simply copy the link in your post, surrounding it with image tags like this.

In case the above explanations weren’t step-by-step enough for you, here’s my Posting Images for Dummies:

To post an image, you need to upload it to the web first, for example via or Flickr (which are free). You’ll then copy the uploaded pic’s web address into your Forumosa post.

Go to for example, click Browse, then find the file on your computer and click Host It!. Then, one of several pages will appear. If it shows you a page with the picture to the right, and a whole series of 7 to 9 different addresses, go to the second or so from the bottom and copy the one that says Direct Link. Or, sometimes it won’t show you the Direct Link on the first page and you have to search for a tiny link called Get Links, then that will take you to the Direct LInk to copy. Copy the link, which is a URL address to your image. (Skip to 2nd paragraph below)

Or if using Flickr, click Upload Photos, then Browse, then UPLOAD. Then click Save. The next page shows your uploaded pic. Right-click on it, go to Properties at the bottom, and this will open a window with the URL address near the middle. Select that URL address. OMIT ANYTHING WHICH FOLLOWS THE .JPG OR OTHER EXTENSION (i.e., keep the .jpg, but cut any junk after that).

(For both websites:) Then go to your post, paste the URL (i.e., web address), then reselect the address you’ve just pasted (with nothing extra before or after in the selection) and click the button which says Img (2nd from right) above the text window and below the subject window. This bookends the link with [img]yourURLhere[/img]. Or you can add these bookends manually. Then click Preview or Submit to see if it succeeded. If you have any trouble, it probably means you picked the wrong kind of link from the 8 or so options given (for ImageShack), or there’s extra material caught between your brackets. Check for typos and retry.

If your pic displays smaller than the one you uploaded to Flickr, you’ve erroneously copied the URL of a thumbnail instead of the full pic. Just go back to Flickr, click on a thumbnail of the pic to see the full version, then right click as before, go to Properties, and get the URL for the big pic – again, omitting anything such as “? v=0” which Flickr has added after the .jpg extension.

NOTE: If the image is already on the web (i.e., if it’s not on your hard drive, but you found it on the web instead), you can also just right-click on the picture, go to Properties, and copy the URL address, then paste that; then do the Img bookending as described above. But this so-called “hot-linking” uses a little bit of the source web page’s bandwidth each time the site which you pasted it on accesses the picture (i.e., each time someone opens that page). Hot-linking is often frowned upon due to that bandwidth issue, and many sites use technology to ‘break’ such hot links after a while, leading to the display of the broken link icon, . That’s why, if you want an image to persist for more than a short while, you need to instead right click and save the image to your computer, then upload it to, say, ImageShack as described above before posting it. I do this routinely, to avoid broken links.

I hope this helps!

I know who I am going to ask to do the user manual from now on :bravo:

Thanks for the help - Dragonbones your instructions for Dummies suited perfectly even if I did put it on twice.