FTP client in WindowsXP?

Does WinXP have an ftp client that I can use for uploading files?
What’s it called / where to find it?

Using the command line interface (DOS prompt) becomes a bit too tedious …

Doesn’t the Explorer have an FTP client build in? Hmm, I remember using something like that. I am not sitting at a XP computer at the moment, but if I remember correctly, when you right click on my Computer or something like that, there is an option for connecting to an external machine, maybe even map network drive. And then you can type in the FTP address of the server, and it should appear as a drive in the explorer.

I know this is a somewhat vague explanation, I will have to check with my XP machine at home to give you more details. But maybe it will point you in the right direction.

Yeah, you are right. I knew there was an easy and obvious solution to it.


or just use the command line
open the dos box
type ftp
open url
than log in with user name and password
and than you can up and download with get and put
you finish the session with bye