FuBar 2 point oh

Hey guys, Steve here from FuBar. For anyone who doesn’t know, we (me, Mikey, Keiron) bought FuBar about a year ago from Dwayne, and have give it a total makeover. We have the same, huge outdoor patio on a quiet pedestrian only street, but now we also have 2 projection screens you can see from the patio, Wii with a bunch of games (including the dynamite Guitar Hero), board games, books, darts, good service and great food! People have told us that we have the best nachos, quesadillas, beef burgers, baked chicken burger, veggie burger, and Caesar salad they’ve had in Taiwan. We’re trying to keep out drinks cheap as well, and offer 2 Happy Hours daily, as well as daily drink specials like 90nt Jim Beams on Fridays, 150nt Double Caesars on Tuesdays, 60nt vodkas and gins for ladies on Wednesdays, 120nt White Russians on Thursdays…

We also show a sh#t load of sports, and between our satellite and Slingbox we show NFL, NHL, NBA, UFC, Rugby, dog shows and horse jumping. Oh wait, horse jumping and dog shows are show on Taiwan’s ESPN, NOT at FuBar. We usually show games the same day they’re played, and if you have a game request don’t hesitate to contact us.

You can add us on FaceBook at Fu Bar.
We’re just getting a new site up at www.fubartaiwan.com

Our address is 25-9, DaYe Road (Soho Street) 大業路25-9號(蘇活街);
Taichung, Taiwan

And our number is 04-2310-9401

Any questions just give me a shout!! Cheers!


Hi Steve,

Is FuBar gonna be showing UFC 101? I’d hate to have to watch it on my computer~



Hi Tim and thanks for the email. Yes, we’ll be showing the UFC and always do so the same day it happens, not live but in the evening.

I’m in Canada though so you might want to double check with Keiron who’s there now. FuBar’s number is 04-2310-9401. Cheers!