I arrived recently in Taiwan for a new job. I bought a new scooter to be like a real taiwanese. But I wonder about the fuel meter. It only drops the last 20 km before the tank is empty. Some of my friends say its normal, others say I should have it adjusted. Now who’s right? And if its true, how many liters are still left when its dropping? No more guessing please.

Most gas tanks are designed to move very slowly at first then quickly near the end.

I’d say your average scooter can go about 160km before running out of fuel.

You could always put a 1 liter bottle of fuel in your seat…and then run the scooter dry, taking note of how many liters to fill it.

Then the next time you get to the point where you want to know how much is left…fill it up and subtract that from the total amount it can hold to see what’s inside.

Hope that helps in some way.