Fuji S5000 digital camera

I’m thinking of buying the Fuji S5000, but I need to know if there are any complaints out there about this camera. I know that the pixels are just enough for normal size prints. What I like about the camera is that it has movie mode recording with sound, and what I really like is that it is not totally automatic and it gives you some room for moving away from point and shoot.

Does anyone know about the quality of the prints of this camera? :?:

Doesn’t sound too good. But most users are happy with it it seems. http://reviews.cnet.com/Fujifilm_FinePix_S5000/4505-6501_7-30468939.html?tag=dir

Only gets ‘Average’ rating at dpreview.com :frowning:


Before you hand over your money for the Fuji s5000, have a look at the Olympus C770 Ultra Zoom. It’s much better according to the dcresource.com reviews.

For those people who want a high resolution camera with a big lens and lots of controls, the Olympus C-750 Ultra Zoom is the best there is.[/quote]

The link below is for the 750 version but the 770 is likely pretty similar.
dcresource.com/reviews/olympus/c … ndex.shtml

I’d quite like to get one of these myself…