Fujian flu

I’d like to get the fujian flu shot for my three year old, but I have heard that the only available vaccine here is the Panama flu shot which is only effective (for use against the fujian strain) in half the people who have it, according to my friend.

Have I heard wrong, and how do I get the Fujian shot? Also, what about side effects? I’ve heard they can be pretty awful. Of course I can get this info from the doc, but some docs talk out their arses!
Any advice from the floor is welcome. Thanks.

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Never heard of those flus. Are they necessary, recommended or optional?

My wife just heard on the news that the DOH is now recommending that all kids 2 and under have a flu shot, as well as the elderly if they want it.
I’m still not clear about which strain it is. I read on the telegraph.co.uk site that several Britiish kids have died of Fujian flu but UK DOH reckons it has already peaked there and are not recommending vaccinaitons for all kids.

Are other people here thinking of getting a flu shot for their kids or for themselves?

Never took any flu shot as far as I can recall. But I got my fix against Japanese Encephalities, nasty stuff …

Ok, I finally got round to googling up some answers.
The Panama strain was used as it is closely related to the Fujian strain but the vaccine made from the former strain is more stable. You still might catch fujian flu but the symptoms won’t be so severe. More details below.
guardian.co.uk/medicine/stor … 62,00.html

Rascal, I thought that Jap Enceph was just for kids? I’m pretty sure I’ve not had it. Should all adults get it too?

edit - This TT article explains the situation in Taiwan. The flu doing the rounds in Taiwan is the Panama strain. I feel embarrassed answering my own post like this :blush: , but well nevermind - hope some people find it useful. :mrgreen:

Nope, it’s also for adults AFAIK - was given it by the Tropical Institute in Germany before moving to Malaysia a few years back. The JE vaccine wasn’t approved yet in Germany and I had to sign a form for not holding them responsible in future (in case something goes ‘wrong’).
Did my boosts since then but perhaps I am going to skip out in future. Had Malaria pills, too, but never took them - the risk of catching either seems to be rather small.
Beside that I got the full program: typhoid, tetanus, hepatitis etc. but no flu shots … :expressionless:

The Jap. Encephalitis shot is not approved in Switzerland either, but they do recommend it for Taiwan at the Tropical Institutes here. The thing is, that the shot has serious side effects especially on blond, blue eyed people…don’t ask me why though…luckily I’m neither blond nor blue eyed…=)

Not planning on getting any flu shots for ourselves or any of the kids, but that might change.