Full-time Salary at Buxiban


I’m just wondering. If you work full time at a Buxiban, what is the standard monthly rate? I have a friend who works at a school who gives him $40,000/ month. I don’t think that’s nearly enough because I’ve seen other schools give teachers a lot more money based on their experience.


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I wouldnt recommend anyone take less than 600 / hour…

So at 25 hours (full time?) that’s around 60,000 a month at least…

Usually though, the Bushibans want you there more than 5 hours a day. So you might work 30 hours a week, that’s how much?

Getting a full time job at $600NT or more per hour isn’t always that easy.
This is particularly true for newbies and especially in Taipei.

There are a lot of good, honest jobs which pay in the mid $500’s per hour.
Also, a lot of jobs are salaried jobs and it’s hard to break that down per hour because of office hours, etc.

40,000 a month for how many hours? If he works less than 20 hours a week for that school, the arrangement at least meets the bottom end of the market. If he works less than 15 hours, it is a good paying job. If it is more than 20 hours at that salary, he is being shafted majorly.