Fullscreen internet browsing! -works with IE and Firefox

OK, I never new about this…
Prepare to be amazed…
Press “F11” on your keyboard NOW!
Works a treat with Firefox!

Feels weird!
Thanks for the tip. :slight_smile:

Thanks. It’s good in Firefox. Don’t think it would work as well in IE though because no tabs.

F11 works in the Mac version of FireFox, as well.

Also, FireFox is the fastest and most consistent I’ve seen across Mac, PC and *nix. It’s really matured well.

And, for you PC folks, it’s nice because the hijackers and spyware people don’t (knock on wood) write for FireFox… as least as far as I know.

Anyone heard of Firefox malware?

Not yet, but I’m afraid that time will come. You could do some nasty things through extensions…

At the moment, standard procedure is to display a warning when you install any extension, but I read the Mozilla people are working on a solution for a signature that does not prevent programmers from signing their software simply due to monetary reasons - as it is now…