Fun Classes to take!

Hi All:

Do any of you guys have resources to find out where I can take some local classes. As in pottery, drawing, cooking,…etc. I’ve check YMCA but you need to join the membership first. Just wondering if there are any thing like community colleges or adult schools…

Thanks a bunch!

there are one or two community centers in tienmu that have classes in English. pick up a copy of this month in taiwan, they have ads there

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How much does it cost to be a member of ymca? where are they located? (website for YMCA)

Thanks for the website, I will def. check it out!!

There are some private art schools around Guting MRT station. If you want to visit one, I can take you there. There are plenty of adult education classes - I am thinking of doing a woodwork class. Information (in Chinese) can be obtained from any public library.

juba, any traditional chinese cooking classes where you actually cook, and in chinese?

Classes in Taoism will be held every Saturday and Sunday (basically all day) starting the week after next, at Mucha’s Chi Nan Gong. (Next Sunday is registration.) If memory serves it’s about NT 10,000 for all the classes together, or 3000 for just a few. It’s in Mandarin, though I get the impression that they mostly chant in Taiwanese.

Classes in Tibetan and Mongolian languages at the Mongolian and Tibetan Cultural Center, near Shr Da. (Best just ask people where it is. Start from the Catholic church across the street from the park.) Pretty cheap. Taught in Mandarin, of course.

Or how about modern Greek language and/or Orthodox Christian theology, taught in English? Check out and send “vr jonah” an e-mail.

You might check with Wei-Chuan (the food company)…they used to offer classes and publish great cookbooks (in Chinese and English).

In the spring this chinese girl told me about a centre that offers free Chinese cultural classes. I never got a chance to go but here is what she said about one class:

[quote]We provide free course on meditation and Chi-Kong(a kind of martial art). The history of the lineage in our center has been more then 5000 years in China. And Tai-Chi is said to be directed from it. We have a regular weekly class on Friday nights.

The master in the center has in-depth knowledge on
different kinds of Chinese martial art and philosophy.And he is willing to teach his precious knowledge to any person who wants to learn for free.

It is a good chance to learn about Chinese
culture, practice your Chinese and make friends. [/quote]

She said I could give her contact number out so here is her email:

Her name is Peggy Feng. I think they have a class once a week.

Also, here in Mucha, a new “academic” community centre is about to open on Mushing Lu, Section 2. Not sure what they will offer yet but I’ll post if I hear something interesting.

Most any university will have a “tuiguang jiaoyu bu” (something like “extension education”, “night school” or “lifelong learning”, depending on how politically-correct the university adminstration is). (The real translation should probably be “cash cow.” :wink: ) Anyway, these departments offer classes to the general public – usually low level English and European languages, and art, computer software and miscellaneous other classes. The tuition isn’t too expensive and it’s an interesting way to meet Chinese people that might not be exclusively English-based, if that’s a concern to you.