Fun Dive to Dungji Island

Hi folks,

I realise this is a bit far south for you northern dwelling divers but, is anyone interested in diving Dungji Island? This island is part of the Penghu group of islands and is situated midway between Taiwan and Penghu proper. Dungji offers the best diving for all the Penghu Island group, visibility is within the 30M plus range year round, it has excellent marine life and corals and is, according to those who have been there, similar to Orchid Island for vis and marine life.

The trip will take place, weather permitting on July 29th and 30th or August 5th and 6th whichever looks best for the weather. At the moment the dive plan looks like this: Leave Kaohsiung harbour Saturday morning [on the dive boat] and arrive at Dongji around lunch time. Have 2 dives in the afternoon followed by a night dive. Overnight on Dongji Island in a local hostel (air con) . Next day have 2 more dives in the morning [maybe 3 if we have time and weather is OK] and head back to Kaohsiung arriving about 5pm.

The boat belongs to a buddy of mine Mr.Tseng who owns a dive shop in Kaohsiung. He is a very experienced diver (an instructor and ex hard hat) and boat capt and has dived over at Dongji
many times. The boat can carry 18 to 20 divers with gear and tanks.

Total cost of the trip will be NT$7000. This price includes boat, tanks, weight belts, food and accommodation. This trip is open to all experienced divers. Gear rental if required is extra. Please contact me about this if you need to rent gear and I will ask what is available and how much, but you would be better off renting gear where you live as you need to fit it etc.

This represents a rare opportunity to go to Dungji Island. I for one have never been there and I have been diving here for 18 years! There are a few spots left on the boat but they are going fast so if you would like to dive this trip contact me ASAP. I will give you departure time when I have it but probably about 0900 on the 29th or the 5th.
See my website for details.
Safe diving.

Penghu…Wicked currents. I’m in. :smiling_imp:

Sat. High Tide 02:01 +107
Low Tide 07:38 -52
High Tide 13:44 +113
Low Tide 19:56 -101
Sun. High Tide 02:28 +108
Low Tide 08:15 -60
High Tide 14:22 +108
Low Tide 20:29 -91

Sat. Low Tide 00:53 -15
High Tide 06:43 +91
Low Tide 13:44 -90
High Tide 20:39 +78
Sun. Low Tide 02:10 -10
High Tide 07:50 +93
Low Tide 14:48 -102 [/b]

No escape from the huge tidal exchanges over either weekend, but maybe waiting until the first weekend of August makes more sense as it will give the water more time to calm down after the Typhoon rolls through early next week.

Looking forward to it. :sunglasses:


you and your currents :laughing: I asked my capt, if we could do a special half moon current dive out to Seven [for the hardy souls amongst us] and he looked at me a bit askance. I’ll keep plugging but don’t hold your breath. Re Dungji looks like this typhoon is going to pass right over the top of us here in the south so unless it dissipates quickly the trip might well be postponed to the 5th and 6th or even later if another typhoon breezes through. I will keep you guys updated. I am itching to do this dive as I have heard lots of good things about it. So I will keep on at my capt [in Kaohsiung] about this till we can swing it. Have a good weekend. :smiley:

Hi folks, here is the latest on the typhooon and how it may affect our dive trip this coming weekend. The capt’ wants to see how the sea state is after the typhoon goes through. If it does not come off this weekend then it will be on for August 5/6th. That is if the weather permits. Drive carefully tomorrow!

Forecast Outlook: The typhoon is expected to continue moving WNW for the next 12 hours & shall make landfall over Southern Taiwan early tomorrow morning, Tuesday (July 25). KAEMI is forecast to weaken to a Tropical Storm after crossing the rugged terrain of Southern Taiwan tomorrow. It shall be over Taiwan Strait tomorrow afternoon thru the evening (Tue July 25) before making its 2nd landfall along the Fujian-Guangdong Border, China or in between the cities of Xiamen & Shantou Wednesday morning. The system shall rapidly dissipate by July 27 while traversing the mountainous terrain of China Mainland.

  • Effects: KAEMI’s Inner Bands has reached the Batanes & the Calayan Group of Islands…while its Outer Bands continues to cover & affect the Extreme Northern Luzon provinces of Cagayan, Isabela, Ilocos Provinces, Abra, Kalinga and portions of Southern & Central Taiwan. Moderate to heavy rains with gale-force winds of up to 60 km/hr may be expected along the typhoon’s outer bands. Meanwhile, increasing typhoon-force winds (up to 120 km/hr) with very heavy rains can be expected along the core (eyewall) & inner bands of KAEMI. Coastal Storm Surge flooding of 4 to 5 feet above normal tide levels…along with large and dangerous battering waves…can be expected near and to the north of where the center makes landfall in Taiwan. Deteriorating weather conditions can be expected over Taiwan today as KAEMI’s core approaches.