Fun in Pics! To start with.. Shawshank Redemption

Blair Witch

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The Slaughtered Lamb
American Werewolf

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Debbie Does Dallas

Bizarrely, the Red Balloon. One for the auteurs.


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Hey. I see a red balloon. There’s a movie called the Red Balloon.

I rest my case.




I see a mask. There’s a movie called The Mask.

Anybody mind telling me what’s that cube at the window of Mushnik? And please don’t tell me there’s a movie called Cube…


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The red balloon could be either The Sixth Sense or IT.


Still not seeing how the moon has anything to do with the wizard of oz

As a senior citizen, my thanks!

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“Tempobot quote” function not working? :robot: :thinking:

It’s [ spoiler ] without the spaces and then [ /spoiler ] likewise.

Or just use one of the options in your gear box


Thanks- I seem to have been passed on this one, but will use it in future- Bwah-ha-ha!