Fun magazines about Taiwan in Chinese

Subject line says it all. Are there any fun magazines about Taiwan, travel in Taiwan, with lots of pictures? it can be in trad Chinese or bilingual (Chinese and English) but I want something fun to read about Taiwan in general.

They give away tourist guides at the MRT stations.

Uh, I meant like monthly subscription type magazines.

I don’t subscribe to any of them, but I enjoy reading through cycling magazines like 單車誌 when I get the chance. As in other places, “fun” magazines here typically focus on a particular area of interest, like basketball, travel, guitar or whatever. If you browse through the magazine section at a good bookstore like Eslite (Dunnan or Xinyi), you’ll probably find a mag that attracts you. Good luck!

Is Sinorama still being published? The Chinese is rather advanced, but the translations are excellent and it’s presented in bilingual format. Lots of pictures. It’s not (or wasn’t) travel, specifically, but it used to talk about lots of interesting places and people in Taiwan.

They do have a Web site still:

Thanks Sinorama looks like fun…yes this is for very advanced level. As for Eslite, I wish they would open one right here in Texas! But if I ever get to Taiwan I plan to spend a day in there.

For travel magazines, I would suggest Taipei Walker, 台灣山岳 and Traveler Luxe. Although Traveler Luxe is not exclusively about Taiwan, it does have interesting articles and photos about places to visit in Taiwan.