Fun things to do when the bombs start falling

Knock yourselves out.

You might even want to talk about what you’re really going to do if the dabian does indeed hit the proverbial fan.

What d’you suggest then?

Buy a large PRC and ROC flag to hang outside my window. I mean if a Type 80u tank rolls down Zhong Ho road in Yung Ho city I’ll hoist the PRC flag. If a ROC M-60 happens to blast it to smithereens, very unlikely, I’ll hoist the ROC flag.

With the Olympics coming we can start these new olympuc sports.

  1. 100m dash down to the underground parking.
  2. 200m chase through snipers ally.
  3. Grenade toss.
  4. Biathalon.
  5. Marathon from Taipei to to CKS.


It would be open season on tossing eggs at stupid speaker trucks. I don’t think they would stop working…hmmm could be kinda fun.

I agree with tossing eggs at those damned speaker trucks.

Fortunately, the main school I work for actually has a bomb shelter basement, so if in fact the metal rain began to fall, I think I’d head there. It’s furnished and has a cable connection and internet connection. It would be a good place to hide out and get the latest info, I suppose. :smiling_imp:

Well, it may start raining missles sooner than I thought if you believe reuters. I hope there is no substance to the kind of alert that is going on in China now. Man, the Taiwanese should calm down or the election will be the least of their problems.

Good plan, except cables in Taiwan aren’t buried, they’re above ground. So it might be just you and your students, getting to know each other better. :laughing:

Imagine your boss asking you to teach the children during an attack,for free even.

A nice long camping trip… :sunglasses:

There will not be any bombs just missiles. You won’t hear them coming so there really is not much you can do. I would be more concerned about the politically oriented gangsters who took a shot at the president extracting revenge on their political rivals. Civil unrest is not unusual in third world countries after an election.
If you sense trouble stay home until it blows over.

Don’t be nervous Bassman, everything is going to be OK.

I’ll be camped on my roof so I can cheer when I see the first F-18’s.

Tell me your address Daltongang and I will bring all the tallboys of Budweiser I can find (the redneck coming out in me!!!)…

i’ve always wanted a plasma tv :smiling_imp:

I saw a report a while back by a defence analyst who came up with some quite interesting numbers:

If the PLA sent its older (read obsolete) aircraft to attack Taiwan then it would require ever single missile in Taiwan’s armoury to destroy them. That assumes that every missile fired locks on to a different target from every other missile, and none of them miss. For the sake of an optimistic argument I’ll discount what one of my students with first-hand experience has to say about the state of his country’s missile systems and crews.

That leaves one US battlegroup to take on China’s modern fighter force. And the missiles, how are they going to stop the missiles? Position the Aegis ships between Taiwan and China, with all those state-of-the-art new subs the Chinese have just bought from the Russians? By the time the straits could be considered safe for the US military to act as a shield there will be no missiles left in China and not much worth defending here.

Will Japan risk upsetting Beijing by allowing the US to operate from its territory? Does the US have enough troops to spare that it can put sufficient force on the ground here to defend the rubble? And would a war with China be politically acceptable in an election year with half the population already upset about this sort of thing? Polls in the past have indicated that the majority of Americans would not support this kind of action.

But why is everyone speculating about this? By and large the Chinese leadership seem to have accepted that forced reunification is not the answer.

Yeh, right, no bombs will be falling, other than KMT propaganda bombs, and them missiles are just PLA propaganda tools. Nobody is going to attak. Go back outside and enjoy the sunshine!

Battleship Taiwan is protected by the Hello Kitty Hawk carrier group and nobody touches Taiwan without permission. Bush is standing by his island girl. Just ask Douglas Pal.

More important question is this: is traitor liar B word Sissy Chen coming back to Taipei and what will happen to her when she does, and why did she fly to Corea?

But why is everyone speculating about this? By and large the Chinese leadership seem to have accepted that forced reunification is not the answer.[/quote]

And why do you suppose they’ve done that Stragbasher?

Ahhh, now you’re talking :slight_smile:

The hows and whys of the communist party’s decision making are beyond my understanding. It suffices for me to think that all this talk of imminent war is a bit silly.

I’d been meaning to ask this question about whether foreigners can stay in the event of war for some time. Bassman mentioned PRC was set to invade April something. Maybe he was kidding but that got me thinking again about what I would do IF it came to war.

Then, I started getting more wisecracks than serious comments in that thread so I started this ‘humour’ thread about the possibility of war.

Just setting the record straight about the origins of these two threads. Although I don’t think war is imminent (or ‘…will be imminent’ as I saw in a China Post headline once!), it’s prudent to know what your options are with regard to getting your loved ones the heck outta here.

What is this business? Spack or Bassman, if this holds any cred and wasn’t just a joke, can you elaborate?