Fun with Wobble 3D (autostereoscopic animated GIF images)

Edit Note: This post is talking about my wobble Avatar . . . but, because one person said she got sick to the stomach when viewing the image, I have changed my avatar to a non-wobble (at least I hope it was the wobbles that made her sick and not my handsome features). I am inserting an example here though and you can see the wobble posts and galleries at Life of Brian - - for examples of wobbles.

Shhhhhh. It’s a secret. :slight_smile:
Actually, those are called Wobble Stereoviews . . . or autostereoscopic images based upon the

I’ve tried crossing my eyes, and trying blinking in time to the jiggle, but I can’t see any 3D, just gives me a headache :expressionless:

You shouldn’t need to blink or wiggle. The ones on this page work pretty well for me;

But “meiguolangren”'s avatar doesn’t work for me. It seems that smaller images, and/or images with a relatively small movement range, work better. Meiguolangren’s photo is a close-up, so the movement range is relatively large.

I wonder what the optimum frame change rate is.

This page … ggle2.html
says that the effect works for most of us. That implies that there are some people for whom it will not work.

Hi Brian,

your wobbling avatar has hypnotized me into a deep trance that I can’t seem to shake, can you snap you fingers for me up in Taipei?

Right, there are folks for whom it doesn’t work and a very very few who actually feel dizzy or queazy from them. For most folks it should work. Part of it is also the amount of depth information in the two images so it is a lot more obvious with a longer shot rather than a closeup. Of course, the problem with some shots is that buildings seem to dance in the background which can be a bit disconcerting.

I love those Burning Man wigglevision shots.

The wobble stereos are more of a gimmick than a useful method for 3D display, there are much better systems but they usually require some sort of viewing aid for most folks. I have tons of red-blue glasses and stereoscopes for the 3D photos I take with my cameras. The wobble thing is just to play with and to demonstrate the effect more than anything else. It’s for fun.

If it gives you a headache then stop doing it! :slight_smile:

For the wobble things, you should not need to cross your eyes or blink . . . the illusion should be created naturally through the effect of “persistence of vision” . . . kind of the way we see motion when watching television or films when actually a film is a series of still photographs projected quickly, there’s just enough hold over from one image to the next that our brains interpret the whole stream as continuous motion rather than a series of shots . . . in the wobble images, we are interpolating depth information rather than motion.

Most folks can see the effect, some better than others. Try some of the other wobble galleries and see what you get.

BTW, the Burning Man images have click-throughs for larger images.

If anyone gives making these a try, please share so we can see what you’ve come up with.

Surely for 3D images each eye must see a different image ? That’s why I tried blinking left then right in time with the wobbling. Sure. I could see you waving your hand in front of your face, but I couldn’t see it in 3D.

Also, I couldn’t find the autoerotic animated GIF images you mentioned.

[quote="Big Fluffy Matthew"]Surely for 3D images each eye must see a different image ? That's why I tried blinking left then right in time with the wobbling. Sure. I could see you waving your hand in front of your face, but I couldn't see it in 3D.[/quote]

Normally, you must have stereovision to see 3D. So, folks who have lost an eye no longer have depth perception. However, an autostereoscopic animated gif can actually be perceived as 3D or as an image containing real depth even for monovision folks. This is because the effect doesn’t depend upon stereo-input but stereo-interpretation. For most folks the brain interprets the image lapse as 3D information rather than as motion.

How did you do with the Burning Man images or the others?

Good point . . . although I’ve no idea if you’re right. Most of the folks at the 3D exchange find the slower blink rates to work better for them, the faster blinks tend to annoy them (when I first started making them I used faster blink rates but have slowed them down due to input from that group).

How did you fare with the Burning Man images at the larger versus smaller sizes.

Actually, I don’t do a lot of wobble stereoviews, we were playing around with them at put a function into his program so we could play some more and create much better pieces - most of my early trials sucked royal as I could never get Photoshop to save gif images without dithering all the color out of the things but with the newer program it’s easy as I just use JPG as my input and the program saves the GIF for me.

Snap, you’re awake. :slight_smile: Hmmmmm. Now, that’s an idea. Animated images with subliminal hypnotic commands . . . you’re getting sleepy, deep, deeper, deeply relaxed as you find it so easy to pick up your credit card . . . and . . . :snooze: Nah, don’t think so.

Hmmm. Not sure I said that, sorry, don’t have any autoerotic animaged GIFs but there are some autoerotic images for you at

All of the photos currently beaming down from Mars are actually in stereo 3D pairs (just look for the L and R designations for the file names for the left and right views). The images will work if you know how to put them together.

Jim Gasperini has uploaded some wiggle versions of earlier Mars 3D shots at … %7C2004#69


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I liked the wobble image in your file picture.Shame you had to change it.