Fundraising BBQ for Cathy (DV8) Sunday, 3/10 at 3:00 pm

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Friends and Taiwan Family

Cathy, who many us know from behind the bar at the old DV8, is seriously ill and has been hospitalized for several weeks. Her family is doing what they can, but they are struggling to pay for even the relatively modest costs of her hospitalization and she needs expensive drugs and treatment not covered by national health insurance.

There will be a fundraising BBQ for her at Sterling Tavern on Rui’an St. this Sunday (March 10th) starting at around 3pm.

Sterling Tavern
Address: No. 129 Ruì’ān Street, Dà’ān District, Taipei
地址: 台北市大安區瑞安街129號

Thanks for your support.

那些年我們之中有很多人, 都在Cathy當時工作的酒吧DV8結識, 並分享了Cathy溫暖的友情. 現在我們親愛的朋友 Cathy 已因重病住院了數周.
Cathy的家人在這段期間竭盡所能, 但面對住院費用已經捉襟見軸, 將來還有健保不給付的昂貴藥物及治療費用
我們期待你的援手, 幫助Cathy度過難關

我們星期天(3月10日)下午三點開始將在 Sterling Tavern (十貳令) 舉辦烤肉會, 藉此為Cathy的醫藥費用募款, 無論金額大小, 都是無限的心意, 感謝你的參與!

地點: 台北市瑞安街129號

No problem. I was just sorting out how to post it over here. Thanks.

Any way to make a contribution, e.g. via Paypal ?

We are setting it up. Unfortunately, linking it to a Taiwanese bank account is a bit of a hassle due to the antiquated banking system but we hope to have it set up some time next week. Thanks for asking.

Thanks to all the old and new friends who made this a success at short notice. A special thanks to the many local businesses who stepped up and offered generous prizes for the raffle which raised NT$30,000 or so. Also to Sterling Tavern for hosting us.

If you are in Taiwan, were not able to attend, and would still like to help Cathy out, pm me and I will give you the bank account number you can use. Please identify yourself in the PM.

We are still working on Paypal for her many friends overseas.

Rest in peace Cathy. Please see Facebook for the sad news, what you can do to help, and her funeral arrangements.

  1. The Speakeasy Bar: 554 Guang Fu S Rd, Taipei
  2. Bobwundaye: 77 Hoping E Rd, Sec 3, Taipei
  3. Frankie’s Pie Bar: 15 Wunhua Rd, Yong He
  4. Carnegies: 100 An He Rd, Sec 2, Taipei
  5. Sterling Tavern: 129 Rui An St, Taipei
  6. The Green Hornet Cafe, No. 108, XīnDiàn Rd (near Xindian MRT)
  7. DV8 Pub, FuXing S. Rd., Sec. 2, #385

If you would like to make a bank transfer, either domestically or from abroad, please deposit it Cat’s account:

Changhua Bank (彰化銀行) (for domestic ATM transfers bank code 009),
Account Number: 5116- 51 -457731 -01
Guting Branch. Those wishing to use online banking, please send a message to Cat for her full address which you will need.

PAYPAL account is for overseas friends who would like to contribute. Thank you so much Shu-Chien (Jennifer) Cheng.