Fundraising for a Forumosan and PIZZA! TONIGHT! (18th)

Dear all,

A few of the mods and admin have started a collection jar to help out a Forumosan in need. If you would like to know the story and to consider pitching in, please drop me a PM (ASAP, as there is some time pressure). Thank you,


EDIT: Pizza party at Alleycat’s Songren branch tonight, Friday the 18th. See details in post further below.

I’d just like to add that it’s a worthy cause, and I’m happy to “endorse” it.

This isn’t about sandman’s new rug is it?

:laughing: Nope.

Oh, if anyone prefers to eat and drink while helping a good cause, feel free to stop by Songren Alleycat’s tonight, Friday the 18th. The chief and I will be there by 7pm (I can arrange to be there earlier if necessary, just PM me), and I’m sure there will be people there for much of the evening – 'mosans can’t avoid good pizza and beer, after all ! If you can’t make it until later, don’t worry, just swing on by. :beer:


Let me be the VERY FIRST to add that it’s a worthy cause, and I’m happy to “endorse” it.

It was irishstu’s idea, btw, not mine. Blame him.

I can’t stay very long because I have crime fighting to do.

Eating pizza and crime fighting are not mutually exclusive you know.

Especially if one employs Kungfu Panda belly-technique.

Why don’t you organise a fun party to raise money?

I had fun.

And once again, for tonight at least, the city is safe.

Those were nice nipples, doc.

If anyone sent me a remittance yesterday from an account ending in 99, please drop me a PM with the last four digits of your account # and the amount, to let me know, so I can keep the fundraiser separate from my own income. Thanks!

Dear all,

I am very pleased to announce that due to the generosity of so many of you, we managed to raise NT$19,400, which the individual in question has received. That is far in excess of what I was expecting to collect. Bravo! Thank you everyone! :notworthy:

Nice job everyone. Thanks very much for your generosity.

So what did you spend it on?

So what did you spend it on?[/quote]

A new pony.

Group pic from Friday

WHAT? I wasn’t there! Someone is impersonating me!