Funniest videos


I think you should ( with a straight face) , say that you really want to go back to Malaysia :smirk:.

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Karma…kid pranked barber before …payback time


This will help owners to keep their pets behave, my brother just got his beagle this chicken, and he said that Mighty considered it as his least favorite dog toys.


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Well spotted that man :grinning:

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Hahaha! Even the Brazilian president got more time with Trump than him…


In this one they made a wall circle and left him out lol


“one time, back in 1988…”

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Actually rather than just being funny I was very impressed by how polite and friendly people are in that part of the world. The young lady at the end of the video was really nice, both in appearance and personality.


I think she was paid lol. No way a girl would want to spend a single min with that dude. He is beyond creepy and weird.

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You’re probably right, but some women do have weird tastes and maybe she feels safer with a beta male (although he did have that serial killer vibe lol). I thought at the “disco” when he asked the girls to dance he might get comments like “dream on” or something. Anyway yeah an interesting one and I actually watched it to the end.

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Yeah. I would not go in the basement with this guy. He looks like he will wear my face.


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