Funniest YouTube videos


Found some rather alarming footage of @Rocket

Stay tuned for the tail, that’s the most insane bit


Sweet and sour Jesus, I had to stop halfway through because I was laughing so hard.

This guy is my new Best Friend.

@tempogain, thank you so very much, this honestly made my fuckin week.


What’s the big fuckin deal?
Just tryin to put fuckin food on the table, jeez.


It became clear why he was celebrating when his ladyfriend walked into the frame. :hushed:


Some of the clips in this video are fairly old, but there were some i’ve never seen before. The first one is glorious, I loved it so much. The doggie became water.





Not gut busting funny, but worth a chuckle if you have the time. It was doing the rounds late last week, I think.

It’s a 1950s TV show called “Trackdown” where a con-man named Trump rolls into town and convinces them to build a wall otherwise all kinds of hell will rain down on them. About 8 minutes in there’s a conversation with a judge that’s probably going to get quoted a lot.



The instant karma is strong in this one.


HOLD ON A SECOND…the guy decided that the best way to complain about the policemen’s actions was to enter the police station armed with an automatic rifle and wearing a head mask ??


I didn’t even know that was an option


It would be a great script for an episode of “I shouldn’t be alive”.



Well, that’s not what I expected to set in this thread…


Apologies, for some reason ,I could not get the post listed any other way .
I tried . It won’t work if you click ? It’s damned funny. Also Youtube’ FB video is similar enough to not warrant another title?


“Ladies and gentlemen, I have bad news… I didn’t get the job at Fruit Loops.”