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Doesn’t look like Mumbai’s worst slum, but some of the locals seemed a little less than friendly. Good thing he didn’t smirk. :wink:


India is a country i have no interest in going, even with the rich history. I’ve heard only negative experiences, especially by women who felt extremely unsafe. But even the most positive experiences i’ve heard is ended with but…and a whole bunch of negatives that just puts me off.



I have never visited India, and I know exactly what you mean. The people seem fine (sometimes charmingly eccentric), but everything there seems squalid. I’ve worked with lots of Indians in the past, and whenever I asked them where to visit their reactions seem to fall into one of two camps. One, they would look at me incredulously and ask “why do you want to go there?” or two, they would look at me like they felt we were sharing a joke, as if I’d said “hey let’s jump off the roof right now”. Like, ok let’s talk some crazy shit now, and their face would take on a big evil grin.


Indians i meet all seem quite happy to have left, i rarely hear much romanticism of their homeland and such talks.



Oh Goodness, buy a smaller bike. :joy:


Strange that in China , they would enjoy the freshness.

@Dr_Milker will enjoy


JT was born to do this lol




Strewth :smirk: Coming to a Taipei street near you…







Don’t ever give an ukulele to @_Lilith!


This is hilarious :joy: I have my own pink ukulele that I have no idea how to play and I don’t know how I never got this idea