Funniest YouTube videos


here are some more for ya’ll

And if you know how to dance to crank that, then you’ll find this hilarious…


Scooter driver in Taiwan. :roflmao:


There’s a guy in Taiwan who makes a lot of videos. Some of them are somewhat funny. These are the funny ones…that I like best:

Dancing at home with a surprise: … nglis.aspx

How to ride a motorcycle spoof: … or-th.aspx

Job hunt: … ovie-.aspx

A day in the life of a Taiwan Biker: … unny-.aspx

Mordeth teaching (he shouldn’t be allowed to teach): … ited-.aspx

Girlfriend Crashes brand new car (not fully insured): … cid=308550

That’s it for now…I have others if you like.


Don’t you get in trouble for teaching your kids that? It’s OK trying to be cool and all…but really, you are a teacher. Not just a language teacher…I will propably get in trouble for this…but I think it’s realllllly not cool to use kids like that.


When you see the third person view it’s the principal filming me. At the end of the year the kids wrote a short essay on what they liked most for that year. The number one response was making videos. The kids know what acting is…and they probably say worse threats to one another in jest while playing (just a guess).

And if I shouldn’t be teaching cuz of that vid…then I’m guessing Will Ferrell should be in prison for this:

And this is another:

And here’s how the media responded to Will having a 2 year old call him a bitch and asshole: … dlordmckay

Kids can joke too.


and the parents…do they know about it? I will take a look at those videos later, I dont have time now…but it doesn’t really matter because I’m talking to you about what you are doing. Showing that other people do similiar things doesn’t make it any better (in my opinion of course!)

This is propably getting off topic…so no more posts bout this…I just cant imagine allowing my kids to even use the word kill. Glad you found a principal that’s on the same page as you.


Who says Bush doesn’t have a sense of humor


Check this one out. Daughtry’s song will never be the same again, hehe!


This is a funny one. A parody of One republic’s apologize. Too late to exercise…


Man down!




That is funny, caught me by surprise! This is actually one in a series. Pretty funny.


every once awhile youtube is down…do you guys have that problem? it’s weird it goes down every once awhile for the last 5 days or so


Oh man, this one is hilarious. Takes a while to load though…


Hahaha! Well worth the wait. My colleagues are all wondering why I just had to leave the room to get away from laughing so much. Hilarious! :laughing:


Fuck You Texas!

Some nice people have been putting Firesign Theater up on Youtube. This one is video, but their best stuff was audio. A throwback to the old radio days.

I think Chris Elliot is the funniest.


[quote=“Dr. McCoy”]
I think Chris Elliot is the funniest.[/quote]Which one is The Chief again?


This is pretty good. It’s in Hokkien, but you’ll probably recognize the tune: … r_embedded