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twins practical joke:


[quote=“Modest Mouse”]twins practical joke:[/quote]That used that trick in the extended version of Terminator 2 when they opened up Arnie’s head in front of a mirror, there was no mirror, but Linda Hamilton’s twin sister and a fake Arnie head.
They used her twin again again when the baddie terminator took her form at the end. And a pair of twins played a security guard too. Saves a heap of money on special effects.


Taiwanese Kid does Stop motion with Post it notes


This is my fave, a lot of the other stuff on fail blog is pretty funny as well.


Dunno if its been posted I can’t be arsed to check… but anyway



Seeing as it’s [strike]erection[/strike] er election season, seems fitting today’s TT mentioned this Get Out the Vote video from Catalonia :laughing: … h_response


One of my favourites at the moment. I watch it once every couple of weeks.



I love these guys.


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this will NEVER happen in Taiwan right? no cops will ever have the balls to do this to any decent to expensive car owners.


What do promoting racial harmony and furniture have in common? The Red House!


Like a sack of spuds.


Critical has been around for a while and still cracks me up regularly. Usually NSFW if you turn up the audio, puerile, scatalogical and/or sexual



There’s always JP




More scary than funny. Somebody up there is definitely looking after Mr. Priest!