Funniest YouTube videos


not Youtube, but indicative of the preponderance of make-up videos trending.Cool ending.


Nailed it!



16 secs


The solution to make your pet behave and scare. LOL



This is why grandma needs her own income. Otherwise she gets stuck in the backseat with the llama.


They’d probably be okay with that in Taipei too.


I like how this doesn’t faze the driver. Not sure a Taipei taxi driver would be OK with it unless he was driving a Toyota Wish or something.


For a fare? I think they’d do it. They’d probably be more bothered about going all the way up the hill lol


Hmm, guess somebody will just have to try it and see.


Maybe they talked in an Italian accent when booking taxi . They asked if they could bring everyone in the family … driver said yes … I’ll apacem in :heart_eyes:


Nice try, but I think that’s a llama. :sunglasses:


No time to explain!|500x371



Did she just announce her candidacy for 2020? God help us all…


Wtf, are people this stupid now?


White people are evil! Kids are never too young to learn this valuable lesson.


Ah, the joys of budding racism. Yay!

Also, why do I have the sneaking suspicion that yt will never take it down?


I think it may be parody, but you never can be sure these days. God help us all.