FunNow App

I found a new APP that gives you discounts for things to do around taipei from food, massages, hotels, to group activities like paint ball. It’s called Funnow. Pretty cool, they are also adding a baseball one which I think allows you to buy CPPL tickets soon. Add my invite code to if you want QNDK4QJ

Thanks, always looking for new guides in English. Taipei continues to suffer in this department.

It isn’t new we’ve already been talking about it here for about a year.

Oh my bad. Someone just told me it was new last night as we went and got a massage in the middle of the night. Pretty neat if you’re just bored and want some ideas around taipei.

One of them special, slightly expensive massages huh?

The special ones where they massage your feet and back? Fo sho fo sho.

pretty cool app, showed me clay pigeon shooting, go karting and baseball batting cages near by

There’s clay pigeon shooting? Where’s that at?

download the app lol :stuck_out_tongue: