Funny and sometimes useful site

[quote=“Buttercup”][/quote]Thanks for the link. The site has some very amusing bits, in a cynical kind of way. And the games compilation .pdf is useful – some old favourites I haven’t used for a while, and some new stuff too (well, new to me anyway).

I don’t know quite why, but I found this page one of the funniest:

The DOS faces are rather good too:

This is a good article hosted on that site:

It’s about pseudosciences such as NLP being taken seriously in the context of ELT. I had a brush with NLP a while back and wasn’t impressed.

As a side note, I find it very puzzling that a lot of “respectable” ELT organisations and publications virtually ignore the good scientific research that has been conducted into language teaching over the last couple of decades. There’s a broad consensus of scientific opinion, for goodness’ sake! (At least as regards certain basic principles such as the absolute necessity of a good quantity of meaning-bearing, comprehensible target-language input). But many of the ELT pros just ignore it or pay it mere lip service.

I just liked the bits about poo. :idunno:

Good stuff, good stuff. I was on floor through the whole thing. I loved the demo lesson piece, and the DOS page is fun. Thanks for the website.