Funny Google Translation Results of Honey

Google translate is funny recently. They changed algorithms a few months ago.

Each word I add typing changes the translation of “honey”.

And it selects “laogong”, a common choice in Taiwan for husband, but I’m
a) a man
b) single
c) hetero.

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In colloquial usage, laogong doesn’t necessarily mean husband.

Right, but it’s not used by men to refer to a woman, which is kind of one of my points.

Men, women…you’re still stuck in that whole binary gender headspace, man…


Wouldn’t the world be a funny place if every day we woke up and selected our gender for the day (as in selected the hardware and everything). Hmm, I sense a novel in this…

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That’s easy in Taiwan. You can have a good time either way or should I say all ways.

Like an event like this that you flip through when looking through Facebook events happening this weekend.

Pants and skirts are OK or optional mostly non-binary or non-binary curious fun.

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Like The Metamorphosis, but without insects.

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Laogong isn’t limited to hetero but generally husband is always laogong in a normal relationship.

Given how google translate translates, why am I having so much trouble finding translation work?

Damn that’s a phat ass…no homo

You mean you want to novelize the film?

That’s not my concept at all.

Imagine this if you will; a world where you wake up in the morning and choose to be male or female, with both a male and a female body to choose from. Or maybe it’s random, or seasonal, I don’t know I haven’t really thought it through yet.

Sca-jo will be in the movie though for sure.

Richard K. Morgan beat you to the storyline.