Funny green tea commercial?

I’m trying to find a clip of this on youtube to show my friend, however, I’m having trouble. Maybe someone can help me out.
It a commercial I’ve seen on TV a few time here in TW.

It starts off with a woman walking to her ex-boyfriend’s apartment in a trench-coat and he opens the door. She “flashs” him (of course she is wearing like a bikini or lingerie underneath) and she has a super hot body. The Ex-boyfriend begins to get a nose bleed and the woman arrogantly walks away with the boyfriend falling to his knees and reaching out to her wanting her to come back. As she is walking away, she takes a sip of the green tea being advertised.

Anyone got a link for this commercial? Thanks.

Funny that you ask, because “golf” posted this under Best advertising ever recently.

ah cool! thx a lot :slight_smile: